HP rp5700/rp3000 powered serial card cable pin diagram (804 Views)
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HP rp5700/rp3000 powered serial card cable pin diagram

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Does anyone have the diagram showing what the 445791-001 cable does for the 445775-001 powered serial card?



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Re: HP rp5700/rp3000 powered serial card cable pin diagram

You mean the card in this picture?




Here's the Quickspecs document for the rp5700 Point-of-Sale system, which includes the description of the power options of the serial ports:



According to the Quickspecs document, the power options available on the 445775-001 card are +5V and +12V only: these are the same voltages available on a regular IDE HDD/CDROM power connector.


Also, the dimensions of the black connector in the picture of the card (the first link above) look like it could be a 4-pole Molex connector, i.e. the same connector used for supplying power to IDE HDDs and CDROM drives.


Therefore, my first guess would be that the pins are the same as on IDE HDD/CDROM power connectors: the middle two connectors are the negative lines of the power circuit (+0V), and the connectors at the edges are +5V (typically red wire) and +12V (typically yellow). This hypothesis might be confirmed by checking the electrical connectivity of the power connector pins to the respective jumper pins listed in the Quickspecs document.


(When plugged into a IDE HDD or CDROM, the red wire (+5V) of the Molex power connector will be closest to the pin 1 of the IDE cable, which is often marked with a red or other color in the IDE ribbon cable, hence the old mnemonic "put the reds next to each other" when plugging in IDE data and power cables.)


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Re: HP rp5700/rp3000 powered serial card cable pin diagram

Thanks for that, however I was referring to the connector on the top edge of the card, or left on that picture, also, I'll ask to have the thread moved, thanks.
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