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hpux scalability

Hi .
does anyone can me provide spec's about how HP-UX 11.31 scale up CPU , the more cores ??
for example are there somewhere any information how linearly CPU capacity wil rise by adding more CPU/ cores in a Superdome up to max ( 64 CPU 128 Cores)?

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Wim van de Voort
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Re: hpux scalability


You may find your best resource on this data is your local HP Rep. They want to move servers, but they do have some useful data so long as you take it in context.

The Superdome 2 which is currently available 64 core and by year end you will be able to interconnect two to have 128 core is a very powerful platform. HP has made some innovations in how CPU's talk to each other, which is why they scale better on say an Oracle database then the same number of Cores on a DL980 box.

Your mileage may var.

Tell me what you intend to use the box for (oracle database back end whatever) and I can try and dig you up some independent data.


Benchmark report:

There is a marketing element to all this stuff.

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Re: hpux scalability

Thanks for your info .
it's not all clear for us what runs on the system , some Oracle databases (10R2) , their owned java application . all are special application selfmade for cadastre application migrated from Tru64 in the past.

around 7 databases , and their application server all Oracle 10R2 . some java .

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Re: hpux scalability


if you need a big box consisted of max cores, you will need this information. i know this is related to speed between cores,memory in the same cell/blade, in the same box, or between other box. there are good improvements in sd2 as explained here:


But if you are thinking of partitioning, lora rules will help you to keep the max performance while partitioning.
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Re: hpux scalability

I will discuss this issue further localy .
Thanks for your Info ..
Kind regards
Wim van de Voort
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Re: hpux scalability

just a note: "lora rules"


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