PA RISC to Itanium - in box upgrade for rp- servers (157 Views)
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PA RISC to Itanium - in box upgrade for rp- servers

Hi All,

Has anyone done in box upgrade from rp series servers to move from PA RISC processors to Itanium ?
I have some rp4440, rp7420 and rp7440 servers for which I would like to know what exactly goes (steps/replacements done) into an in box upgrade process ?
1. Remove all cell boards and replace with those supporting Itanium processors
2. ...
3. ..

Thus would like to know
What all will be dumped out
What all will have to buy new
How long will these servers be supported after the in box upgrade.
How will the costs vary against keeping the rps and buying new Integrity ??

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Re: PA RISC to Itanium - in box upgrade for rp- servers

Shalom Ninad,

I have not done this. People I knew that did this, bought new systems and gradually migrated apps from rp to rx over time.

The few people I knew that did the in place upgrade, hired HP Hardware to do it. They got it done as a fixed project.

The hardware support on the resulting Itanium boxes is found

End of life varies box to box.

Steven E Protter
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Re: PA RISC to Itanium - in box upgrade for rp- servers

Hi Ninad,

such upgrades are available for almost all servers.

I have done some upgrades already. It really depends what you have and what you want. HP has upgrade kits for many many combinations (let's say rx7420 to rx7640).

For example the rp4440 to rx4640 was quite easy - install firmware, swap the CPUs, configure the system and re-install OS - that's it.

Contact HP for more information.

Hope this helps!


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