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New HP-UX servers


I am new to to the UNIX world and part of my new responsiblities is to deploy HP-UX servers and Windows servers fresh from HP. Do they come preconfigured with a base O/S or are they shipped with the equivelent of a Smartstart CD that is used for Windows server builds?


Bruce Bellak
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Re: New HP-UX servers

Shalom Bruce,

Itanium Class servers generally ship with HP-UX 11.31 installed. I don't like the way HP does this, so I do a re-install.

There is a full line of smartstart software for Itanium servers.

What OS comes on an Itanium depends on how you ordered it and what license you purchased.

Steven E Protter
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Re: New HP-UX servers

Actually you can get them either way. HP will pre-configure their servers and, I believe, you can supply specs for them to follow, but I always prefer to load my own from the installation media.


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Re: New HP-UX servers

Hi Bruce:

Plan to cold-install from the installation DVD/CDs. In this way you can size the standard logical volumes to best fit your needs. For example, I prefer a generous '/var' and '/tmp' filesystem for loading patches. I find that '/opt' and '/usr' are generally undersized especially when you add addtional software.


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Re: New HP-UX servers

Installing the O/S (pre-installed or cold-installed) is just a first very basic step.

HPUX is not Windows, so even though your O/S may be installed - it will require "tuning" to ensure that the O/S manages it's resources properly for you to run applications at the optimal performance.

So, once you have an O/S loaded, you have just begun to build your system.

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