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Hi ,

i have RP7410(with one cell board-12GB Mmeory ,875MHZ 4 processors) is out of support and purchased long back .we are planing to migrate the dataabsea/pplication to Itanium pplatform..whihc server will best whcih can be replacemnet of RP7410 without compromising performance ?...i hv an RX6600 iwth 16GB mmeory and 2 * 1.56Ghz processor(4 logical processor) .is it ok or i need to go for higher servers?..which server will be the best option (is it blade servers will do ?)

Need suggestions from experts ....

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If you need to replace one and only one server, I think an rx2880 i2 will already do the trick. I think it easily matches the performance of thr RP7410, and you can put a whole lot of memory in it.

If you already have an rx6600 server, I think it matches the rx2880 i2 in performance, but you will need twice as many processors for that.

But it may be worth to investigate if the cost & maintenance of an rx2880 i2 is better in the long run that staying on the rx6600.
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Hi trnq,
The RP7410 4 x 875 MHz is about 60.000 TPM´s,
and the RX6600 2 dual processor 1.56 GHz is about 3 times faster..
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u can use rx2800 i2 server like a new applciation server, about comparaison u can use this site :


about rx6600 its entry level server for integrity plateform, rp7410 is mid-Range server on PA-RISC plateform.

So, now we have two case:

1- two different plateform -PA-RISC and Itanium ( need to verify if ur applcation binary code is compatible with Itanium compiled code)

2-Verify if ur server configuration can be atteigned on the new server ( if there's nPar configuration , vPar or HPVM)

also verify the compatiblity of application with new HPUX version that u will use it on your new server.

Contacting HP Support is the best answer , else u have to make a plan for that just to be sure that you wiil not loose any data .

Good Luck,

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