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Blade servers and HP-UX

Can an HP rep. shed some light on the fate of HP-UX capable blade servers? Between last week and this week any mention of UX support on blades has vanished from the HP web site; the only listings are for Proliants. To further confuse the issue, the Windows servers in the "servers by O/S" listing don't include the Proliant blades.

There's no listing of the BH7xxx series blade any longer except in install/configuration documentation.

Is this a strategy, or just some missing web links?

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Re: Blade servers and HP-UX

BLade Server are actually intel based

You can't install HP-UX on it...
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Re: Blade servers and HP-UX

I had heard of Itanium based blades, cant remember model # or anything, but those would run 11.2x of HPUX.

But now the products link for Blades bring you to the Compaq site. Hmmm...

Perhaps an HP-ian will assist...?
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Re: Blade servers and HP-UX

I think a rp2470 may be considered a blade. You may want to look at an A class machine.

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Re: Blade servers and HP-UX

RP24x is not a blade, it's the Itanium equivalent to a PA-RISC A-Class or a Intel Proliant BL380.

My HP reseller said they have no information about HPUX blades so far, but as the Itanium rolls forward I am watching to see wither they refit the BL20 & BL40 to run Titanium or whether they create a blade version of the existing Titanium range (I suspect the latter).
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Re: Blade servers and HP-UX

A good place for Itanium information is the source:
should work...
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Re: Blade servers and HP-UX

Was there ever an announcement of HP-UX support outside of the Integrity line? I posted this question in the HP-UX forum if there are plans of suporting non-Integrity Itanium boxen but the answer and consensus was a resounding NO.. But I suppose if HP will take HP-UX the route of Solaris -- many out there like me will be very happy as that will us a choice as to which hardware to run an extremely reliable (and EASY!) OS as HP-UX.
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Re: Blade servers and HP-UX

Hi guys, I was under the belive there was the new Integrity blade to have support for HP-UX but that was it as far as blade support. This was just the impressions I got from our recent partner meeting.

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Re: Blade servers and HP-UX

Hi BL60p is the itanium blade server which supports hpux o/s we can install the os with connecting the usb external cd or dvd rom drive.

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