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Complaint Department.

Hi, HP Community, I am unclebillylee and I want to start the "Complaint Department" here in the HP community. I know this may be contrary to the desires of the customer service department, but I think it would be a service to HP overall. I want to open an avenue where complaints of customer's can be heard and the higher ups can respond to the demands, moods, and desires of their customer base. 

In order for you to understand why I think this need is here, is because of something that has been eating at me for the last six months or so while I am making a decision to purchase another printer. Allow me to fill you in on why I am at a quandary on whether to order another HP product, or begin experimentation with another brand.  I am a long time HP customer and over the years have been satisfied with the products I've purchased.  However, with one product my HP Photosmart 8750 printer I am very dissapointed and has made me contemplate whether to go with HP again. You see when I bought the 8750

I also purchased the HP Photosmart 8250. I have visions of printing a magazine from home that will reveal some beautiful ideas, and I want it to be full size which I consider  a 11" x 17"  sheet. I was saving the 8750 to print the mag when it is ready and used the 8250 for my other graphic jobs. This worked out fine until I got ready to use the 8750 and come to find out that there are no drivers availible for it. It was working quite well occasionally until I upgraded something then there came a need of a new driver.

Then I came to find out that HP doesn't have or won't make such a driver availible to me. I guess the printer is too old or something, but they still sale its ink. I bought about $70.00 worth of non-returnable ink, and all the customer service can say is the printer is out of date. and time to upgrade.  I don't want to upgrade.! I want to use the one I bought for the purpose I bought it for. If it still works, why would I need to upgrade driver or why can't I reload the old driver???


Now I am not looking for an answer, most people will accept that they need to spned some more money and upgrade, I want to upgrade too. But, should I choose HP again?  Will the one I am pondering (the officejet 7500A) also be out dated and force me to upgrade in seven years also? Or will this phased out parts and servicing resurface with a three year phase out plan?  There is such designs as those who are said to have the end of use designed into the plan, and I don't like to deal with companys who design in such deficiencies. 


I think a complaint department would start a forum of those users who want to be heard as far as their experiences with HP and in the process, want to get heard on high. I think the complaint department can start such a dialog, and possibly spearhead a movement where we, with the phased out but good machines may get a refund, trade in value, or other compensation for being phased out. 

What do you say?

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Re: Complaint Department.

I bought a OfficeJet 8500A Plus and the scanner did not work properly.

Called in two time to report it.  On the second time, the guy kept me on the line for over 3 hours and could not fit it.

Told me to bring it back to Staples.

Staples told me it is over 14 days and HP has to give you the return.

Called three time today, because the first two were rude on the phone.

Third guy starts all over and asks me about with operating system.

I told him I needed to return the machine.  He puts me on hold for 20 minutes and never comes back.

I hang up.  He never calls back.  He has my number.

What kind of service is this?

Please have someone from HP call me on Monday.  Serial Number CN161DM0T8

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Re: Complaint Department.

I bought a Laptop CQ71  in may 2010 ..the first day i used it,  i noticed the screen turn blue and turn off  and re-start again and this was going for more than week. I decided to contact the HP Customers Services , i took me more than 30 mins to get through and another 30 mins to registered my details.I wait another 15 mins to connect through technical team.I took me another 1 hour to reboot the Laptop. The problem started again after couple of days.I called the Customer Services again now they two different Laptop on my account and everytime i called they asked me which Laptop and i keep telling i got only 1 laptop.

The laptop has been sent twice for repaired but still the same like before.

It's getting worse now. I lost all mu documents on it. I emailed Customer Services 4month ago bur never get a reply.

I phoned the Technical Team yesterday , i have been told ,i'm out of warranty and i ahve to pay for the repair.


I have been stressed with this Laptop .

Even i sent for repair , i know it will continue like before.

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Re: Complaint Department.

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I have had HP printers and scanners for twelve years. Since I was well pleased with their performance and longivity ( my office jet is 13 years old and still works well), I made the horrible mistake of purchasing two HPphotosmart printers for our office.

These things are awful, and have immensely annoying software pop-ups constantly urging me to buy HP supplies.

We are an engineering office, and we frequently print out drawings. Our old Epson takes about 12 seconds to print one. The Photosmart takes a full 3 minutes (no exaggeration). Very often, while printing, the Photosmart will stop then request to be turned off then restarted. The touch screen on one has died. Ink cartridges have a very small capacity, especially the color cartridge. Paper jams are frequent, even with prime paper.

We intend to put both of these on E-bay and buy a pair of servicable printers. The E-bay ad will explain exactly why we are selling them.

John Cooley


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Re: Complaint Department.

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A Complaint Department is a good idea but it may not resolve the main issue, which is that they have off-shored the support center.  Sad to say, the training of off-shore personnel is lacking.


Here is my recent story, which is almost surreal:


I just purchased an HP certified refurbished Pavilion Desktop at a great price.   It came with a limited 90-day warranty on hardware as well as support of all pre-installed HP software and pre-install third-party software.


I installed Windows 7 and was having a little trouble setting up the "homegroup" connection in order to access network printers at home.    I decided to call HP. 


After waiting a while, someone with an East-Indian accent asked for my name and what type of computer it was.  I indicated that it was the HP Pavilion 2nd Gen Intel Core I5-2400 Computer (P7-1187c).  He then berated me for giving him far too much information and that all he wanted to know was whether or not it was a laptop or desktop.  I told his that an HP Pavilion is a desktop.  (I though he might have known this already).  I explained that I was having trouble with Windows 7 and the "homegroup" setup as it indicate that it was  "unable to set up homegroup connection on this computer".   I did all the troubleshooting available on Window 7 but it wasn't working.


He indicated that this was not a problem that HP can help with and that I needed to contact my internet service provider.  I asked why.   He said it was a problem with my network, not Windows 7.  I indicated that the troubleshooting already indicated that there was no problem with the network connection as it can read the PC in my home that had set up the "homegroup".   He then said that HP does not offer support for Windows 7.  I indicated that the Warranty and Support Agreement included support for pre-installed third-party software.   Then, in a condescending tone, he told me that I did not understand the difference between "software" and an "operating system".  He argued that Windows 7 was not part of the software of the computer and therefore not covered by the Warranty and Support Agreement.   ???    I then had a short discussion  with him about the nature of "hardware" and "software" and convinced him that Windows 7 was indeed "software".  He then said that it didn't matter because software support was not part of the Warranty and Support Agreement.


I then asked him to listen as I read to him one sentence from the Agreement.   He refused to listen and would not stop  interrupting me.    I asked him to please please listen for 5 seconds as I read him part of the agreement.   I read to him the sentence concerning HP's agreement to provide 90 days of support for pre-installed third-party software.   The representative then advise me that HP had never written any such thing and that it must have come from the retailer.  No, I indicated, it is a HP document.   Again, he denied that any such document was ever drafted by HP.  (For a HP representative on the other side of the World, he seemed to have an omniscient knowledge of the millions of documents HP has ever drafted to be this certain of the matter.)  


There was no reasoning with this person.  I asked him if there was a case number associated with my call and if there was any way to escalate the matter.  He said there was no case number and that the issue stopped with him.


Well, that was that,  I indicated my intention to end the call and he then starts with his prepared script..."Thank you for contacting HP,  is there anything else I can help you with today?...."     I hung up.


I eventually resolve my "homegroup" problem myself, no thanks to HP.


My concern, if not already obvious, is as follows:   Back in 2008 I brought a new HP Pavilion and received some wonderful assistance with regard to problems with Windows Vista from support center representatives in the good old U.S.A.   Since they have offshored their support center, customer service has gone down the toilet to the point where it is almost nonexistant.   I still buy from HP because they sometimes have very good deals.   This is probably because they're saving money by offshoring to India and passing those savings onto consumers.  


Why doesn't HP save even more money for itself and simply admit that it doesn't offer customer service at all and close the entire support center in India?  This would seem to be more honest.  


Believe it or not, I had a worse experience with an HP netbook I purchased for Xmas 2009.   I wrote to the Mark Hurd, the president of HP at the time.  I got a call back from one of his assistants who indicated that they are aware of the issues and working to address them.   Guess what?... it's still not addressed.


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Re: Complaint Department.

I bought a Laptop Model no-HP 2000 2116 TU one month ago,now my touchpad in not working and also keyboard is not working properly.When i contact support forum to replace my machine thay are not agree for it.When i asked for Engineer ther are saying they will send engineer in weekdays then who will assist the enginner at my home because i am alone what HP want if i bought a hp product i should quit my job for HP.its too much in future i will never suggest anyone to buy HP product even i wont buy any product of HP.Before this i alredy suggest my 3- friends to buy HP laptop but now i will never suggest any one.

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Re: Complaint Department.

To Customer Service at HP:


I recently placed an order through HP for (6) HP Compaq Elite 8300 Convertible Minitower PC’s.  This was placed through a business account that I am sure HP can see we spend over 6 figures a year with them on PC’s\Servers\Printers\Laptops ect…. We are pretty much all HP here.


The order was placed on 08/31/2012.  They gave us an estimated ETA of 09/13/2012.  Two weeks out but ok, I “guess” I can live with that…… Contacted HP on 09/14/2012 to receive shipping status as we had not yet received them.  We hear nothing and they can’t find the order….. Ok…. Well people make mistakes I guess.  Moving on….


Contacted HP again on 09/21/2012 to see if they have been shipped yet.  They found the order this time and estimated a 09/27/2012 ship date.  Ok so now I have been waiting on (6) computers for close to 30 days.  Starting to get upset but trying to understand.  No rush shipping, no expedited processing at this point has been offered.


Contacted HP on 09/27/2012 to check on status as we had not heard back from them nor had we received any computers.  Our Inside Sales Rep. (Dina Carter, Personal Systems Group, Rio Rancho, New Mexico) politely forwards our request to another CSR (Manuel Ramos, CSR-HP Sales Operations), and he does not reply back until 09/28/2012.  He now tells us on 10/01/2012 that the order will ship on 10/04/2012 and he will reply back with tracking ASAP and they finally told us they have, ever so graciously, placed Next Day Shipping on our order at no extra charge.  How nice of them…..


On 10/03/2012 we receive notice that our order has now been pushed back an additional 3 days due to “some lower level components for the HDD 250GB”.  They claim they are not expecting to ship these now until “early next week”, no date was given…..


On Monday 10/08/2012 I request an update to find out if they will ship today.  Mind you I have been VERY polite and understanding that the CSR people are simply reading what information is typed into their screen.  The same day I was given an estimated ship date, again, of 10/09/2012.


On 10/09/2012 I, again, requested an update and asked for tracking numbers.  I was told on 10/10/2012 that a pick ticket was issued and these would be leaving the facility on 10/10/2012  to be delivered on the 11th. 


As of right now (1:15PM Tuesday 10/10/2012) we do have tracking but I still do not have my product nor do I have faith they will even be delivered tomorrow….


NOW….. I ask, am I being unreasonable in stating that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE at all?  HP did not have any way of know what usage we had for these computers but this order, single handedly, caused a MILLION DOLLAR robotics line roll out to be set back an additional (2) weeks.  Not to mention all the grief and frustration from people wanting to know “why is this taking so long, why do we not have our line computers, why are we not buying something else?”.  My questions to HP are exactly that.  Why are we not buying from someone else?  Dell makes a perfectly good product and I have had no problems with them in the past.  I am sure they would love a chance at a company like us.


So, to ANY HP EMPLOYEE that would like to jump in and attempt to make this right, what are you going to do?  How do I know we will not run into the same issues again?  How do I know that a simple order of (6) computers will not take over 41 days (yes, forty one days!) to complete?  HP has REALLY dropped the ball on this one.  They did not offer any extra expedited shipping, expedited processing until WE prompted this.  HP did not care what we had in store for these computers, they did not care if they sent our deadlines back.


So HP what will be done now…..



John P. Roeser

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Re: Complaint Department.


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Re: Complaint Department.

On Dec. 26, 2010 I bought an HP dv7 computer from Best Buy. It was about $1000... and it was the first laptop I ever bought.

In October 2011, while I was visiting my boyfriend, who lived in the Netherlands.. I called HP NL because I was having numerous ongoing issues with my laptop.  There was a weird vibrating noise.. the computer screen kept turning colors.. the mouse was not working properly.. among other things. HP NL took down my details and called me back several days later saying that they could help me and that they would send me a box. On Nov. 1, I sent in my laptop. I was told it would take 10 business days to fix.

After 10 business days I called the support team because I had not heard anything about my computer. They said that the repair was delayed because they had to get me a new WLAN card from somewhere in Asia... This was confusing to me because there was nothing wrong with that part of the computer. Nevertheless.. I let this go on. I was in constant contact with HP at this point, making sure that they were getting done whatever needed to be done.

However.. 10 days turned into literally over 4 months.  At the 4 month mark, I had to go back to the USA so I demanded that they send my computer back.. which they did.. Untouched by the technical department. It seems that the IT department started forging records and for 4 months never actually did anything with my computer.
 I went back to the USA with a still broken laptop.


When I went back to the USA, I immediately contacted HP and tried to explain the situation to them. However because the computer had never gone into repare in the US.. we had to start the ticket from scratch. Again, I sent in my laptop.. and several days later it was again returned, unfixed. I went through the same process again that month.. only to end up with the same result. After talking to a nice woman.. I was sent a replacement computer.


Within a few weeks of recieving my new laptop.. which was the upgraded version of the dv7.. I started to have the same issues that I had had with my previous model. This time they told me that they would send me out a repair guy in a couple weeks... which they did. This guy was highly inappropriate.. he barely paid any attention to the computer and was instead interested in taking me out on a date. This guy, who had my cell phone number (provided by HP) often texted me asking me to go to his clubs. He later showed up at my house at 2am, drunk. This guy did submit a document saying that my laptop was indeed experiencing problems.. and a few weeks later it was sent in for repair.


I am unsure if HP was unable to fix this problem or if there was a parts shortage or a delay.. but soon I was given yet another replacement computer. This computer worked very well.. and I was very happy with it... until one day it shut itself off and gave me the blinking code for a memory failure.  Considering that the laptop was only a few weeks old (AGAIN).. I called HP and demanded that they fix this immediately because I was again going to the Netherlands for an extended period of time.. and they still had not been able to give me a working computer. Unlike previous phone calls, the woman I recieved on the line, Susan.. was extremely understandable and helpful.. and when there was a parts shortage, she overnighted me a computer on the day of my departure.


The computer she gave me is the one that I am currently using.. which is an HP envy 17.  It is a glorious computer.. but again it's been having issues. When I came back again to the USA, I immediately put it into customer service. I complained of overhearting and a weird robotic sound in the speakers.  I told the woman point blank.. that this is the 3rd replacement I've had and the um-teenth time I've had my computer in repair in the last 2 years. I explained how disappointed and irritated I was never really able to get a working product from them. The woman was quite rude..but did promise that she would have my computer back to me before I had to leave the country again.


In the end, the woman fell through on her promise.. and when she was called out on it all she could say was "Gee, sorry.. but it's not my problem." I explained to her that I was planning on moving to the Netherlands permanently so it was very important that I had my computer back and fixed. She did not seem to share the same passion for getting my machine back to me before I left. In the end.. after countless unhelpful and rude phone calls and e-mails... she did agree to reimburse me for $125 in the form of an HP gift card to the US online store. That would have been great.. but I wasn't even able to access the gift card until I got my computer back (beginning of March 2013.. the gift card was sent in Jan 2013) and it had expired about 2 weeks after she had given me the code.

My mother ended up to pay 80 dollars in shipping fees and I had to pay 126 (170 dollars) euros to get it out of customs.


Now here I am.. April 2013.. one month after I recieved my laptop back from the USA... and of course, the laptop is still not fixed.


I called HP Netherlands to see if they could offer me some kind of help.. and to my surprise they were extremely kind and helpful. The case manager actually took over control of my computer and verified all the issues I was having as well as found MORE issues that I never even knew I had. He told me he could probably fix it, but could not promise that it would come back working because they had to rewrite the US chip into an EU one so to install an EU OS. Considering that in the past they had held my computer for 4 months and they said that they didn't have all of the items needed to fix it in house at the moment, I decided to call HP USA to see what they could do.


I was put on the line with another Susan.. who was literally the most foul woman I have ever spoken to on a customer support line. I explained to her everything that had happend once again.. and she told me that my only option was to send my laptop back to the USA, and pay my own postage each way. I told her that was not a good option considering that their track record was ridiculous. They had never properly fixed my computer in the past.. so why would I pay hundreds of dollars to have them try again?

They refused to call HP NL to try and work through this case together.  Even though HP NL was happy to talk to them and see what they could do.. HP USA simply said that their call would not make any difference.

They refuse to give me any type of refund because I signed away my refund rights when I accepted a replacement computer. They also told me that I lost any rights to having a working computer the moment I stepped foot outside the USA.

The woman I was on the phone with continuously pretended to hang up on me so I would hang up. She gave me a "3 strikes and you're out" game because I said I would never in "HELL" buy an HP again (mind you, we were on the phone for 1.5 hours and I had not even muttered a curse word at this point). To make it worse she just kept talking to me as if I were a 3 yr old child who was complaining about the sky being blue. She took no ownership of the problem.. and quite literally told me that I had no right to a working product.


It's been about 1.5 yrs and I have gone through hours on the phone with rude people.. unanswered e-mails, broken promises, being treated like an unintelligent child, rather than a client or someone who bought an expensive piece of machinery.

I am sick of this treatment. All I want is to have a working computer. I do not see why this is such an issue.



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Re: Complaint Department.

To Whom It May Concern;

HP EliteBook 8540w Base Model Mobile Workstation

Serial Number : CND0450T78
Product Number : VD444AV


On my computer, I have second time hard disk failure issue during the warranty period. Therefore, I opened a support call from HP Turkey call center on 21.10.2013. Agreement was to send me a box which I can use to put my laptop in and ship it back to them. First 5 days after my call, no box was received from HP support. To understand the problem, I had to call them and investigate why it was not sent to my office.

They basically send the box during the weekend when nobody is available in the office. Therefore, box was return to original sender. Meanwhile, I was shocked that nobody informed me about the situation from the support site.

Anyway, I had to find a box by myself and ship to HP on 28.10.2013. After shipping my laptop, nobody contacted me for 5 days to inform me about the progress. Again, I have to call them and find out the status. It was being under investigation of the problem. After another 5 days, I got a call from HP and had informed that hard disk was the failure point.  However, due to lack of stock, new hard disk had to order from another country. That also cost me another 5 days. Finally, my laptop was fixed and ready to ship on 15.11.2013.

Unfortunately, the address used on the shipment was my old employer which I didn’t share with HP. It is probably the shipping company used it from their own system. I had called HP center on 18, 19, 20.11.2013 on daily basis to find out where my laptop is located. On each call, I was being informed that they were working on it to locate. During this time range, I had call HP General HQ Turkey and filled 3 complain request. They also couldn’t find any solutions.

I am using my laptop for my own business. Today 22.11.2013 and last 25 days not having it has a big effect on my work. My first issue was fixed in 10 days. But this time, it took way longer than expected. Can you please inform me that what can we do together to find a solution for my issue and locate my laptop. This is very irritating and adversely affecting on my business.


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