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marci lord
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hp photosmart camera 318- error 108

can someone please help me?! my camera says "error 108". I tried reseting it like the website says, and it prompts me to enter the time and date, which supposedly means that it was reset properly. However, then it continues to say "error 108" again! I emailed HP and they gave me no help at all, telling me to try reseting it again (i've tried a million times). and then proceeding to tell me to buy an upgrade. Has anybody else had this error 108 problem that couldn't be fixed by reseting the camera, and if so, how did you fix it?! Thanks so much!
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Re: hp photosmart camera 318- error 108

Hi Marci,

I tried research on your issue. I checked that the camera has some internal fault due to which it does not work further. The only option is that camera should be replaced.

The reset procedure will not be applicable in this case.

Bye n Take care.
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Chris Sky
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Re: hp photosmart camera 318- error 108

Hi Marci.

I had the same problem. Considering the amount of abuse it's seen over the last few years, it didn't really surprise me that a problem came up. It's had a rough life overall and has been dropped once really hard onto cement. It goes with me everywhere 24/7/365.

When I got the error message I did the usual troubleshooting to no avail. I was at the end of my options and had no plans to send it off to be fixed. It's just not worth fixing compared to getting a replacement. So my next step will seem rather extreme to most anyone who isn't a mechanic for a living...

I took the camera and beat it on the desk face down (in the same direction which the lens motor operates). No kidding, this isn't a joke. After the third good whack on the desk I switched it on and the motor was suddenly "revived" to new life. Problem solved. No cash out of pocket, no down time, and no shipping hassle.

Give it a shot. You'll thank me later.

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Re: hp photosmart camera 318- error 108

Hello Marci,

This error is due to the Lens motor is stuck at bottom of lens module . You need to get it serviced.

I would not recomment you to do any other troubleshooting steps other than repair.

Ashish Nair
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Re: hp photosmart camera 318- error 108

I dropped my camera, lens got jammed, (which I was able to fix), and then got this same code you are all getting error 108, The camera makes a funny noise like gears grinding when turning on.

I could not find any info on this code on the HP website. One post here said he banged it a few times on the desk.

What the heck, So I hit the side of the camera a half a dozen times with my hand and Lo and Behold when I turned it on, the error code is gone and the grinding disappeared.

The camera seems to be working fine now. THough the thing is slow and old technology, I took a few pics and all is well.
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Re: hp photosmart camera 318- error 108

I too had the '108 error' and took the advice of the previous post of whacking on the desk/floor and OMG, IT WORKED!!!! Don't you just love the way we can repair things with american technology??! If it doesn't work, just whack it!!! Reminds me of the movie Space Cowboys.

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