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hp 215

This camera is a milestone in battery consumption. It utilizes 4 AA alkaline batteris in a few minutes. Find a sponosor like Duracell or Energizer if you decide to buy one !!!
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Re: hp 215

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Re: hp 215

Some additional observations. You cannot remove the batteries before plugging in the A/C adapter. The camera will boot up and ask for date and time and while in this mode will not connect to the PC software.

Similarly, the camera will hang at the time/date screen and not allow any user input. It must be shut off, batteries re-inserted, A/C adapter re-attached, time and date set properly, then batteries can be removed.

I agree with the many many posts regarding this camera .. the battery life is completely unacceptable. Today, I managed six pictures using brand new batteries.

My older C210 could go for months without needing new batteries.

Does HP plan to rectify this problem, or is it not fixable. I would like to know, because if the problem is not going to be fixed somehow, I am going to purchase another (non HP) camera.

thanks, Jim
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Re: hp 215

considering that the 215 is extremely cheap, I think you are getting what you pay for. My entry level Nikon lives around 30 minutes. Get rechargeable 1800mH batteries.
It works for me (tm)
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