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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

I have had my software installed so many times I can't count. When I call HP when my Solution Center won't open they reinstall everything. It works for a while and then boom!! I have a 2410 and it works great on my XP but not the 6480 with Vista. I will be voting with my feet soon and will buy another brand. I will say that HP tech support has been very cordial and has fixed it everytime but I am getting a little tired of the phone time. I have an updated flash but the two links on the Solution Center home page will not work with the updated version and it says that flash player 9.ocx is no longer available. really disappointed with this product...
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

sorry to hear that kathy. I went through all that before giving up on HP and buying a Canon. For what its worth my Canon has been flawless ever since, except for running out of a black ink a bit sooner than i expected. Its only by voting with our feet that manufacturers will eventually pay attention to such problems.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

Hello Kathy,
I had problems some time ago but everything has settled down and is 'reliable' with both XP and Vista - I have a dual-boot machine, so use both regularly. I know that you have obviously been through the mill but I would follow the 2 suggestions: download via Internet Explorer if poss., & make sure that particular version 9b of Flash Player is not in the 'Windows>System32>Macromed>Flash' folder. See earlier posts. I think it was 'flash9b.ocx', although my posts also make reference to '.exe files' - I can't remember which is correct. I curently have a file 'FlashUtil9b.exe' which doesn't seem to cause a problem. It is not sufficient to just update 'flash player', I feel that you have to also delete the offending file from the above directory - use Windows Explorer, or get someone to do it for you. I don't think that you get anywhere re-installing the HP software - there is a conflict with something else and Flash Player v.9b is the favourite. (See my post for Jan 4, 2008 & Nov. 17; and falcon94 for Nov. 16, 2008 . I don't think that the download browser is the issue, but try that also. The recent HP Support upgrades for my C7280 have improved functionality for me - the duplex device is at last recognised using wireless, but it has taken them some time to get that right. The current problem is getting only the last page printed, so I am not out of the woods yet. Next time, read the forums before you purchase anything! Please let me know if the above helps.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

To confirm some of the above, I have pasted in a comment from the analysis page of the free 'SECUNIA PSI' software (see also my post for 4/6/08; 'PCI' quoted in error!). It found 2 older version of Flash Player (5 & 7) that I didn't know I had:

Extra Information / Known Issues with Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX Control)
When updating Adobe Flash Player, older versions are not always automatically removed from your system. This can cause some confusion as Adobe Flash Player may have removed itself from Windows Add/Remove Programs, yet still be on the affected PC.

Should you be in doubt if a program detected by the PSI is actually on your PC, you can hover the cursor over the detected program to see the installation path of the detected file.

According to the vendor, you should be able to use the following tool to delete/uninstall Adobe Flash Player from your computer:

If older versions were detected that you believe should not be present, or that you are unable to delete, then please contact the vendor.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

I have a 7780PRO. The "Solution Center" software is hit or miss. The software opens, then freezes up. This problem started just after a HP update in April.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

Hello to everyone affected by the SolutionCenter issue. I'm using XP Pro so I encountered this problem after deleting Flash Player ActiveX control from my system.After contacting the HP guys as someone said, they were so useless because everytime you get response from different people. So I decided to reinstall Solution Center from the CD. I got an error msg saying "Module C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\Flash9b.ocx" failed to register. This then is an indication of the link between SolutionCenter and Flash Player. The following steps helped: (1)I deleted the above file (Flash9b.ocx). This step is important in order to have the Flash player removed from the system so that you can start afresh to install the latest version. What you need to do is to follow the path I described above(C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\Flash9b.ocx) until you get to this file, then press delete. (2)Uninstall Solution Center if you tried to reinstall it even though it was not working. (3)Reboot/restart your computer. (4)Using Internet explorer go to adobe.com and install the latest Flash Player. (5)Reinstall Solution Center, open it, it should be working now!
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

Out of the blue Solution Center would not open for me. All I did was go back a few days to a Restore Point and did a System Restore. Works fine now, and has for weeks.

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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

I had the same thing happen. I was able to print fine but Solution Center would not open. Here's how I solved it: Right Click on My Computer and select Manage. Look under services for hpqcxs08 and ensure the status shows Started. For some reason mine said the Service was Stopped. Double click on hpqcxs08 and under Startup type select Automatic. Start the service and try Solution Center. If it starts do the following: In the Windows Start Search Bar type msconfig and hit Enter. Under the services tab make sure hpqcxs08 is checked. Reboot the computer and Solution Center will open normally.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

I have downloaded updated flash player, re installed program nothing works. Can print but cannot get into HP Solution Centre.

Want to know how I can scan from PC?
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

Read my posts above - you have to use Windows Explorer to check for the 'flash' file in the folder described and delete it. An alternative which may work is to go onto the HP Support/Downloads site and download the most recent program files for your printer; enter your printer model and Operating System. Many issues have been dealt with in recent updates and you should be using the latest software anyway. Don't bother to re-install the software that came with the printer - check the HP website first, it will post the latest version. (ags150)
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

I found out that first remove all of the software by using the control panel and remove all of the programs used with the device that uses hp solution center including the soltion center program itself. Reboot the machine. Download the latest software for the rpoduct from the website at HP.com and then install from the downloaded file. i had this problem myself and after running around in circles and no help from tech support except for doing the obvious steps, i tried this myself and it worked. Hope it helps.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

Also had problems with the HP Sol Ctr. Could still print, but couldn't scan.
I spent a few hours with HP tech guys getting rid of the HP Printer programs. We finally were able to do a new install and it worked great for a day. Tech guys thought it was due to RegCure, so we took that out before reinstalling the HP programs. Today, 2 days after it was running great (had acces to Scanner and everything) it left again. But now, couldn't even print! AND, Now I had no RegCure to blame!
Did a Sys Restore to beyond my last Win7 and Adobe Flash updates, and now it works fine, again.
Just now turned off Win7 automatic updates and hope that was the problem.
I'm tempted to allow Norton 360 to update to see if that may be a problem, too.
Still at a loss as to what happened, and why.
Oh well.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

I have 4 PCs, 2 NBs and , all installed WinXP(SP3) and Adobe FlashPlayer( One years ago I bought a OJ6480, and all connected with it through hub and wireless router. I kept the driver and application(solution center) up to date, and used HP update. Then, IE told me that I need to install Flash Player. Okay, I re-install Flash Player from Adobe website, and it works correctly.

And then, I turn on machine and double-click(or right-click) the Solution Center icon on taskbat, Solution Center will open, but somehow a USB mic & earphone(used for Skype) would crash.

Another curious condition is, when I turn off OJ6480 and double-click(or right-click) the Solution Center icon on taskbat, Solution Center will open in 5~10 minutes later!! Of course, my USB mic & earphone crash. Here is a post I replied 2 weeks ago:
I mailed to HP but it's helpless,so I am still wait somebody to help me, if any.
(Hello, HP? Is anybody at home?)
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

btw, if I install "smart web printing" (and/or "Shop for HP Supplies"), sometimes all work fine.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

Have fixed this problem numerous times, something different works every time. I have Vista 64 bit so tried run as administrator, and run in XP compatibility mode. Nothing. Switched back to normal mode wah lah!
Some technical problem in program. We'll see how long it lasts this time. Every time something updates POOF!! there it goes again!
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

Resolve flash add on problem and/or Internet explorer 32bit crashing causing HP â solution centreâ not to open.

Main steps.
1.Reset internet explorer to original settings.
2.Remove old flash install with adobe uninstall tool.
3. Install Adobe flash.

1. Click start
2. Go to all programs-Accessories-System tools-Internet explorer (No-Add onâ s)
3. Open internet explorer no add-onâ s.
4. Reset original setting: Look at menu toolbar
(If you cant see toolbar right click in the light blue top section of internet explorer and enable menu bar view)
Then go to Tools-InternetOptions-Advanced(see on far right)-Reset(see at bottom). Press the reset button and close internet explorer.
5. Now Open Explorer 32bit and follow steps below.

How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control
Note: Visit the Adobe Flash Player Help and Support page for help with top issues.
You can uninstall the player only by using the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller. Follow these steps to download and run the appropriate uninstaller for your system:
1. Download the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller:
o Windows: uninstall_flash_player.exe (226 KB) (updated 06/10/2010)
o Mac OS X, version 10.4 and above: uninstall_flash_player_osx.dmg (238 KB) (updated 06/10/10)
o Mac OS X, version 10.3 and below: uninstall_flash_player_osx_10.2.dmg (1.3 MB) (updated 05/27/08)
o Mac OS 8.x, 9.x: uninstall_flash_player.hqx (33 KB)
2. Save the uninstaller file, choosing a location where you can find it - your Windows Desktop, for example. Macintosh users may need to open or unstuff the .hqx file.
3. Quit ALL programs. Check the Windows system tray to make sure no programs are still running. If any programs are using Flash Player, the uninstall will complete but some files may not be deleted. These programs can include web browsers such as Internet Explore, instant messaging clients such as AOL Instant Messenger, stand-alone SWFs, and projectors. If you mistakenly leave any program open, close all programs, and run the uninstaller again.
4. Run the uninstaller. This will remove Adobe Flash Player from your system.
Note: Internet Explorer users may have to restart their computers to remove all Flash Player files. If you use Internet Explorer, select the "Show Details" button in the Flash Player uninstaller. If you see any log lines that begin with "Delete on Reboot...," you must restart your computer to complete the uninstall process.

Common Flash Player download and installation issues (Windows)
If you have problems installing Adobe Flash Player, follow these troubleshooting steps.
Note: For Flash Player 10.1 Beta users, you must uninstall previous versions of Flash Player prior to installation.
1. Uninstall previous versions of Flash Player
2. Verify Internet Explorer Security and ActiveX Settings
3. Download Adobe Flash Player
Before you install Flash Player for any Windows browser, uninstall all previous versions and restart your computer. For instructions on removing the player, see "How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control" (TechNote tn_14157).
Note: All applications must be closed before you run the Flash Player uninstaller, including all Internet Explorer windows, other browser windows, and Instant Messenger clients
Make sure that Internet Explorer security is set to the Medium: Default level, which allows viewing ActiveX controls.
Alternatively, configure the Custom level to view ActiveX controls with these steps.
1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Choose Tools > Internet Options.
3. Select the Security tab.
4. Select the Custom Level.
5. Find the section "ActiveX controls and plug-ins."
6. Set Download Signed ActiveX Controls to Prompt.
7. Set Run ActiveX Controls And Plug-ins to Prompt
Contact your System Administrator for more information.
NOTE: In windows 7 64 bit choose â Explorer 32â in programs to navigate to this stage and not the 64bit version.
Download and install Flash Player from the Adobe Flash Player Download Center.
If you are having trouble downloading Adobe Flash player, ensure that:
â ¢ JavaScript is enabled.
â ¢ Your operating system and browser support Flash Player.
â ¢ You have accepted any ActiveX or Add-on warnings.
â ¢ You accept temporary installation of the Adobe Download Manager.
â ¢ You have temporarily turned off virus detection and Internet utilities (e.g. Norton Internet Utilities).
â ¢ You have checked Pop-up and ad blocker software that target Flash content.
â ¢ You have sufficient user permissions to install ActiveX controls or plug-ins (check with your system administrator).
For additional information and troubleshooting help, click here to view the Adobeâ s TechNote support
Now reinstalling HP software

Step Two: Repair Solution Center :

â ¢ Insert the Printer software disc.
â ¢ Locate for Setup Folder.
â ¢ Open Solution Center.
â ¢ Right click on Solutioncenter.msi and select Repair option.
â ¢ Again right click on Solutioncenter.msi and select Install option.

Verify the results.

If the issue persists, I recommend you to perform the steps provided below.

Steps to be performed are:

â ¢ Un-installation using Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
â ¢ Update Windows 7
â ¢ Delete temp files
â ¢ Delete HP folder
â ¢ Installation

Step Three: Un-installation using Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

1. Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility from the web link given below:


NOTE: The URL above will take you to a non HP Web site. HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.

2. Install this utility after the download completes.

3. A shortcut for the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility is created on the Programs menu under the Start menu.

To run the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility:

Click Start, click Programs, and then click the shortcut for the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility.
When you do this, you receive a dialog box that displays the following message:

"Continuing further will make permanent changes to your system. You may need to reinstall some or all applications on your system that used the Windows Installer technology to be installed. If you do not want to proceed, please press the 'Exit' button now. Choosing 'Remove' will make the permanent changes."

The dialog box lists all the currently installed programs that are registered with Windows Installer. Locate the following list of (available) programs to remove from the computer and click on Remove and click OK.

â ¢ HP Driver Software (Required) 13.0
â ¢ HP Imaging Device Functions
â ¢ HP Solution Center 13.0
â ¢ Shop for HP Supplies 2.3
â ¢ HP Update 4.0
â ¢ HP Customer Participation Program 13.0
â ¢ HP Print Projects 1.0
â ¢ HP Smart Web Printing 4.5
â ¢ Windows Live Photo Gallery
â ¢ Yahoo Tool bar

Step Four: Update Windows 7

â ¢ Click on the Window logo and open the Control Panel.
â ¢ Switch to Large icons view and drag the scroll bar till the end, click the Windows Update link.
â ¢ Click Check for updates in the left blue pane, you will see the Windows Update is processing.
â ¢ If there are updates available, you should see the results in the right pane.
â ¢ Click on the Install update button to install the updates.
â ¢ When the installation finish, you may need to restart your computer. Or, you can restart it later.
â ¢ In the Windows Update window, click Change settings, you can configure the updating rule of your system. Press OK to save changes.

Step Five: Delete temp files

1.Click on Window logo.
2. In the search box, type %temp%.
3. Click OK. The system-defined Temp folder opens.
4. Highlight and delete all of the files in the Temp folder, but not the folder itself.
NOTE that if you have problems deleting this file then press the following on your keyboard to start the task manager: CTL-ALT-DEL. The see what processer are running under task manager. Look especially for HP software process. Click on these and then press â Stopâ . After this try to delete tempory folder again.

NOTE: If some of the files are not able to delete; ignore it.

Step Six: Delete HP folder (if available)

â ¢ Double-click on My Computer/Computer.
â ¢ Double-click on C drive.
â ¢ Double-click on Program Files/Program.
â ¢ Delete HP folder.

Step Seven: Installation

I recommend you visit the web link given below to download and install the Full Featured Software and Drivers for your printer.


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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

And if none of that works, treat yourself to a new printer made by someone other than HP. That's what we did and never looked back.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

I also have the same your problem. the HP Solution Center will not open. What I did was I updated the FlashPlayer to the latest version after that I restarted the computer and it now works. I've not solved the problem yet.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

Have you also downloaded the latest software from the HP Support site? The version you download will depend on your Operating system - there was a major update for Windows 7 (Model C7280 AIO).
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

I have been trying everything but I have the latest FlashPlayer update and I am still having problems.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

I had the same issue with my Vista 64-bit machine not opening HP Solutions center after a system restore. It printed and I found a manual workaround online for the scan function but none for the copy function. All around nuisance.

I was given instructions from chat / tech support which worked (after my 2nd attempmt b/c the first re-installation did not complete - I made sure to do NOTHING on my computer but the re-install on the 2nd attempt) but you must follow them carefully as you will be uninstalling your printer INCLUDING associated registry files and re-installing it as though it were new.

Here is the link:


Navigate to the link to open then click on DOWNLOAD and save the file on the Desktop.

(Once the file is on your desktop, double click on the downloaded file just to make sure it is functioning. It will EXTRACT, then open a window to INSTALL your printer. DO NOT DO THIS YET.)

Close that window and follow these instrucitons to first UNINSTALL your printer and clean up the registry:

1. Click Windows Logo, then All Programs, then Accessories, then Run.

2. In Run dialog box, type %temp% and press OK. (Yes, type the percentage signs on either side of the word TEMP.)

3. In opened Temp folder, open any folder starting with 7z.

4. In opened 7z folder, open Util folder.

5. Open CCC folder.

6. Run Uninstall_L3.bat (32-bit) or Uninstall_L364.bat (64-bit).
(Although I have a 64-bit machine, I only had the L3 file and not the L364 file - I followed the instructions for L3 and it worked fine. Use whichever file your computer has.)

7. Continue with the un-installation wizard. (Make sure you address every pop-up window asking if you are sure you want to uninstall - YES, you are.)

Restart the computer to make the changes effective.

PS - When re-installing, I chose Advanced to decide which components to custom install. The only thing I changed was I DID choose the OCR (character recognition) module which was un-checked by default, but I DID NOT choose the HP Shopping module or (especially) the Customer Participation Program (I UN-CHECKED these) b/c I have read many accounts of how it takes up tons of disk space, and creates MANY problems and annoyances. Just FYI.

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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

Oh, and btw, I had ALSO updated the Flash Player before the tech support instructions took me in another direction b/c I had read something alluding to this being the problem - it WASN'T. I am interested in knowing if my solution (above) of the clean re-install works for anyone. Please feel free to report if it does and I am very glad to help if it did! :)
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

FYI - I have JUST DISCOVERED that after this successful solution of un-installining then re-installing, I DID need to re-install the latest Flash Player (from Adobe - in this case 10.1 I think...)

I did check my HP Solutions Center to make sure it was working after I could live stream again - it opened just fine.
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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

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Re: HP Solution Center will not open

I've had this problem for a few months now. I can only seem to fix this by re-installing the Solution Center software, then its ok for a week or so & then the same thing happens, bizarre!. I have a XP & Win7 duel-boot pc & this problem only occurs with XP. My printer is connected to my router using an ethernet cable.

When I'm having problems the Solution Center does eventually open about a minute after the 'Module' error message.
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