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HP 635 battery life problems

Since I bought a HP 635 digital camera (three days ago), I have a major problem with battery life, which is too short and unacceptable from end-user point of view.
The camera can take around 20-40 pictures with LCD viewer turnded on and around 60 with LCD viewer off (thirty percent of them with flash on)
I've been trying many sorts of NiMH rechargeable batteries (2200 and 2300 mAh - Camelion/GP/Sanyo) but the problem still exists.
Although the HP 635 digital camera is a very basic camera - just for beginners, extremely short battery life makes the camera useless...
So I shall appreciate your answer to my questions:
how to make the camera not drain batteries so quickly?
Change the firmware? Use external (power savings) SD/MMC card? Does the additional memory card (I'm thinking of SD Kingston 128/256 MB card) help saving the battery power or will it be even worse?
Many thanks for your answer and help in advance.
The firmware of the camera:
Firmware: 1.57.38 1.21
Service ID 13001
SR 0
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Re: HP 635 battery life problems


Please go through the below link.

Additional memory card will not make much difference.

hope this helps you.

Thank you,
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Re: HP 635 battery life problems

Hello Miki,

Heres something to try:

1. Insert good batteries into the camera. Good batteries will register full or 2/3 full in the camera.

2. Turn the camera on and set the time and date. It is not necessary for the time/date to be accurate so just press the â OKâ button twice.

3. Turn off the camera.

4. Let the camera sit while off for at least 5 minutes with the batteries still inserted. During this time a good time/date capacitor will charge.

5. Open the battery door for 5 seconds and close it again.

6. Turn the camera on.

Good camera: A good camera will not require the time and date to be reset because the capacitor has taken a charge and allowed the clock to keep running while the battery door was opened.

Bad camera: A bad camera will require the time and date to be reset because the capacitor failed to hold a charge. Bad cameras should be labeled as â bad golden capâ .

If its bad, you should contact phone support (1-800-474-6836 for US/Canada) and get the came
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Re: HP 635 battery life problems

The link that was set up to fix this is dead
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Re: HP 635 battery life problems

Hello Miki

Here is the updated link :-
It is working as of today.

Regards Michael
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