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Gershom Ebenezer
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Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

I understand that when the HP Photosmart 735 Digital Camera is turned ON the following "Errors: E105,E302,E106" error messages are displayed.

I appreciate all your efforts to resolve the issue.

This issue is caused due to:

1. Corrupt firmware on the camera
2. Internal hardware issue with the lens motors

In order to resolve the issue, I would request you to perform the following steps:

Solution 1:

A. Mechanical failure
If the camera is able to power on after this happened, there might be an unusual noise while the lens extends/retracts or zooming in/out.

Please follow these workarounds in order to solve this mechanical failure issue:

Remove any source of power from the device, press the Shutter Release button several times to try to discharge the power store on the capacitors.

When possible leave the device for 24 or 48 hours without batteries, then try to get the device back to its normal operation.

NOTE: Under no circumstance should the lens be forced to move either in or out.

B. Power cut-off failure
If the power is not enough, the camera will try to shut down on its own. However, under certain circumstances, the lens may stop somewhere while shutting down or turning on. This could happen also when the power adapter is unplugged without waiting for the camera either to completely shut down.

Please follow this workaround in order to solve this power cut-off failure issue:

Replace the batteries with a new fresh set and power the device on. If rechargeable batteries are being used, make sure they were fully recharged a day before.

C. Flash memory card failure
In some cases, the Flash memory card (CF, SD or MMC) may be the cause of lens jammed. This could be caused by a defective memory card or incompatible one. This could happen while the camera powers up or when there is a failure on the card while reading or writing data into it.

Please follow this workaround in order to get the camera working:

Open the battery door or disconnect the power adapter from the camera.

Then, proceed to remove the Flash memory card in question (CF, SD or MMC).

Finally, close the battery door or reconnect the power adapter and try to turn on the camera.

D. Electronic/Electric failure
A failure on the camera internal sensors might also cause the lens to jam during camera operation or boot/shut down process.

Please follow this workaround in order to solve this electronic/electric failure issue:

If the failure was caused due a transitory state, leaving the device without power could eventually solve the problem temporarily in some cases. On the other hand, the camera may be able to display an error code on the LCD screen to indicate a problem with the lens or somewhere else

I would like you to be rest assured that we will put in the best of our efforts in order to resolve the issue, however incase the steps provided do not take care of the issue, please reply to this message. We will be glad to assist you further.

* Model Number:
* Serial number (eg: CN284420JN):
* Product number (eg: Q1605A):
* Date of purchase:

Please reply to the message with results as it is my concern to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Gershom Ebenezer
(comments appreciated)
Ravi Babu Mattaparthy
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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

Hi Gershom,

Appreciate all your instructions.


Ravi Babu Mattaparthy
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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

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hey. i tried all of this but nothing works. so i am giving you all the information you requested:)
by the way thanks for tryin:)
this is the only place on the net that deals with error e106
model number is GRLYB-0210
serial number is xxxxxxxxxx
product number is Q2210A
date of purchase.....i don't know beacouse a friend gave it to me and i don't know when did he bought this. thank you

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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

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Instead of all solutions, the same problem occure :
Open lens, message on screen with HP E105 and immediate shutdown of camera.

Serial : xxxxxxxxxx
Product : Q2210A
date of purchase : last yearx

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Sara Behbahani
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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

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HP 735
Do not know...maybe april.

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Mike Shilladay
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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

Hi Gershom,

There is a critical fix for the HP Photosmart 735 that requires the application of a firmware update. It specifically resolves lens problems. See the link below. This page gives all the necessary instructions.

Hope this helps

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O'Lanso Gabbidon
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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

What happens when you power up the camera to make the necessary update? Is there away to salvage the camera without chucking everything or turning to HP.
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Jalpa Patel
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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

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Hi Gershom
My HP Photosmart 735 shows the E106 error. I tried the power reset and left it for about more than 20 hours and still it would not work. The lens are extended out. The firmware version is 1.12. It initially was a SD card malfunction but after removal of the card, it showed the E106 error.

MODEL: 735
SERIAL NUMBER: xxxxxxxxxx
DATE OF PURCHASE: I am not sure but was in around August 2004 as I was gifted


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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

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* Model Number: 735 HP PHOTOSMART
* Serial number- xxxxxxxxxx
* Product number Q2210A
* Date of purchase: SOMETIME IN 2004

the lens are stuck open and are zoomed all the way out. Also when i try to power on the camera, i get an error code of e104 and then the camera powers off.
i have tried changing the batteries and leaving them out for 24 hours and putting new ones in. Neither of these have worked. I have not tried your suggestion of pressing the shutter release button because Im not sure where this is located. All help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Attila Kormos
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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

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* Model Number: 735 HP PHOTOSMART
* Serial number- xxxxxxxxxx
* Product number Q2210A
* Date of purchase: Nov.2003.

Hi Gershom,

I have a 735. Since when its battery has depleted once it has shown an E106 error code and lens are extended. I tried to reset it, to leave it without battery for 3 days but it didn't worked. I can't enter to the service menu eighter. I've get an information at HP Hungary as you wouldn't have repaired it, because its warranty timed out. I have get an address and phone number of another service, but it hasn't seemed professional.

As I have some experience in electric circuits and digital technology I decided to try to repair it myself. Now I want to retract the lens to their normal position. I think some sensor gives abnormal signs to the firmware so it can't start the machine. I removed the lens and now there is the lens unit with CCD pcb apart from machine. I can see a small DC motor on the side of lens unit and a smaller one parallel to the optical axis.

My question is how to retract the lens now? Because I dont want to dismount this unit more because of the CCD.

Another question is: Are there any chance to start machine normally when the lens are retracted? The mechanical parts seem unhurt and this machine has never been dropped or hit by anything so it couldn't have a mechanical problem.

Ahead I say thank you for it,


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nicole giangreco
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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

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I have tried all of the above work arounds but nothing has helped - my camera was bought in 2004 I think

model # GRLYB-0210
serial # xxxxxxxxxx
product # Q2210A

any help you could provide would be appreciated. When I go to power up the camera i get an error code of E106 I am using rechargeable batteries that are fully charged, I even tried regular batteries. I have kept the batteries out for the last couple of months and just put them back in and still nothing. I also took out the sdcard.

thank you

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darko radisic
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Re: Errors: E105,E302,E106 - 735 Camera

My camera photosmart 735 in the "Service Screen displays the following error: E108 E105 E105. Can someone explain the meaning of this error. Otherwise the camera is acting like the photo mode is not responding to press the shutter button while in camera mode for all normal.
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