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Limitations of LR Analysis MSDE

When running LR analysis against a results file > 2GB, LR analysis fails. I have read on the LR analysis help files that in such circumstances I should install SQL Server / MSDE. I have installed MSDE from the LR 8.1 add-in components. I have tested the installation of this and have got as far as successfully testing the config on the database tab at Tools>options on LR analysis. I am now encountering a 'login failure' message. However, before I spend time trying to resolve this issue I have read on some web sites and on a post on sqaforums that MSDE cannot handle a results file greater than 2GB ( the same limitation on the existing LR Analysis Access 2000 DB engine). What is the results file limitation on MSDE? If it is 2GB can you recommend a solution that can handle files > 2GB and what is the limitation of this solution? I am producing results files of 8GB and greater as I am running extended soak tests. Thanks.
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Re: Limitations of LR Analysis MSDE

You can use MSDE/SQL Server to analyze your results. The limitation or ~2GB is for MS Access database which is used by LR by default. For login failure, verify the settings as per the article.
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Re: Limitations of LR Analysis MSDE

I'm new to using SQL Server for storing analysis results and have managed to get it working (no thanks to the HP documentation!). However, I want to know if there is any way to set the database name that is generated as the dynamic names are completely meaningless. I'd like to be able to specify my own db name - is this possible. I'm using LR 11.51 with SQL Server 2008.

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