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Issues with VuGen Recording HTTP Script

I am attempting to record a simple script of just opening an internal Intranet page.  I am able to open the page without issue outside of VuGen.  When I try to use the HTTP protocol to open and record, the page begins to open and then just hangs.  The status bar states that it is an "Unknown Zone" instead of Local Intranet.  Any ideas?

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Re: Issues with VuGen Recording HTTP Script

There are numerous things that could be wrong. First, you may need to add the web server to port mapping section. Go to Tools->Recording Options, select Port Mappings and add and entry for you web server. Second, make sure you have local admin privs on the machine where you installed VuGen and that you were admin when you installed it and while recording. If this is the standalone version of VuGen you do not necessarily need admin access but I would start there first. Third, you may just have a bad install of VuGen, try to re-install. 



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Re: Issues with VuGen Recording HTTP Script

Hi Alan,


Thanks for the reply.  I have tried all options below and still have the same behavior.  The web page hangs in the "Unknown Zone" until I end the recording.  Once I end the recording the web page loads with no issues.  Any other ideas?



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Re: Issues with VuGen Recording web application Scripts

Am having problem proceeding from a page during recording in Vugen of Hp LoadRunner. I clicked on one of the reqirements and got stalked with recording.

Please how do i go about it. It recorded some scripts already and i cant go further because the vugen stoped recording.

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Re: Issues with VuGen Recording HTTP Script

Thanks Alan for the solution! I tried it and did a bit more than than Alan said, then the issue was solved! So here is what I did:


Just to provide more details.. I am using standalone VuGen 11.51, Build 3392. I am creating a Web(HTTP) protocol script for an intranet HTTPS website. The website works fine in IE8, but initially VuGen tells me "Cannot find page" error. I then edit the Port Mapping in Recording Options, and added in the app server IP (I left the port number to Any), so that the application is able to successfully load in VuGen browser (IE).


Then I ran into empty script issue with tons of events detected while recording. The way I solved this problem is:

Open Recording Options -> Select Port Mapping -> Capture level -> switch from Socket level to Socket level and WinINet level data. Finally everything worked like a charm!

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