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Guidance for Upgrading Performance Center 11 to Performance Center 11.50/11.52

Hi Experts/All,


Currently we are having Performance Center 11.




1) We have two PC application servers [ WINDOWS 2008 R2 64 bit SP1 ] on which below were installed and currently present.

  1.1)   HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.00 SP3                      [ Software ]        

              ALM patch level: 13                                                                                 [ Software Patch ]

  1.2) HP Performance Center Server                                                           [ Software ]        

              HP Performance Center 11.00 Server Patch 07                           [ Software Patch ]

   1.3)  Shunra for HP Performance Center Product Version 5.41       [ Software ]


2) We have three PC Hosts( controllers ) [ WINDOWS 2008 R2 64 bit SP1 ] on which below were installed and currently present.

  2.1)   HP Performance Center Host  Version         [ Software ]        

              HP Performance Center Host 11.0 Patch 7                  [ Software Patch ]

   2.2)   Shunra VE for HP LoadRunner Ver. 5.41                       [ Software ] 

   2.3)   LoadRunner and all its components are with :    [ Software ]


3) We have one site scope server [ WINDOWS 2008 R2 64 bit SP1 ] on which below were installed and currently present.

   3.1)  HP MI Listener 11.0 version               [ Software ] 

   3.2)  HP SiteScope   version 11.0                                 [ Software ] 

   3.3) Sentinel RMS License Manager 8.3.0               [ Software ]


4) We have 30 Load Generators or Injectors of different OS and bit levels [ Windows 2003 32 bit/64 bit and windows 2008 R2 64 bit SP1 ] on which below were installed and currently present.    

4.1)  HP Load Generator 11.0    version       [ Software ]       

          HP Load Generator 11.0 Patch 04                         [ Software Patch ]

4.2)  Shunra VE Desktop Client  version 5.41              [ Software ]


5) MS SQL 2008 Database Server and Repository server



We are planning to VERSION UPGRADE from Performance Center 11.00 to Performance Center 11.50.


Q1) Is Performance Center 11.50 the latest one OR do we have any new versions of Performance Center released after 11.50?

Q2) From the below URL, noticed that Performance Center 11.52 is released, how stable is performance center 11.52 compared to 11.50?

Q3) Are there any issues reported for 11.52 since it is a new release? Which is efficient patch # for 11.52?

Q4) Are there any unsolved issues reported for 11.50 since it was released? Which is efficient patch # for 11.50?

Q5) What are the additions and eliminations done in 11.52 w.r.t to 11.50?

Q6) What are the steps we have to follow for upgrading performance center 11 to (performance center 11.50/52)?

Q7) Did anyone face challenges while upgrading from PC 11.00 to [PC 11.50/52] ; is it documented anywhere by Vendor for reference ?

Q8) What are the pre-requisites ( database backup/admin access to repositories etc ) we have to follow before performing this version upgrade of PC 11 to 11.50/52?

Q9) Where from we have to download the new version software’s and patches ; will vendor provide appropriate software after studying our Infrastructure?

Q10) Will the Version upgrade from 11.00 to [ 11.50 OR 11.52 ] affect the ALM 11/ Performance Center/ Load Runner Licenses?

Q11) Should we request for Licenses for ALM/PC/LR/Shunra after the Upgrade?

Q12) Will the old scripts present in PC 11.00/QTP 11.00 getexecuted on PC 11.50/52 OR do we need to upgrade all the 11.0 scripts to 11.50/52?

Q13) Should we use any upgrade tools like QTP Asset Upgrade Tool for Upgrading Scripts from One Version to another?

Q14) Which Patch Level # is most efficient/recommended by vendor for PC 11.50 and PC 11.52?

Q15) Important Question: How will the integration work between Shunra and PC 11.50/52? Which is the vendor tested  version of Shunra support PC 11.50/52?

Q16) Should we upgrade IE on client / server or is it not needed ; currently we are on IE9?

Q17) After Upgrade should we inform users to install any pre-requisites before accessing this new 11.50/11.52 release URL ?

Q18) Is there a mechanism where we can load all the client side perquisites in one location of PC site, so that all users can download from that location onto their client machines by accessing PC application?

Q19) Please let me know the exact software's and software patches which we have to install on the below

1) PC Application Servers

2) Performance Center Hosts

3) MI Listener/Sitescope Machine

4) Load Generator Machines


Please share your valuable thoughts from your past experiences on this version upgrade.


Your help/guidance is appreciated.


Please let me know if a support case should be raised for referencing all the above questions.





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Re: Guidance for Upgrading Performance Center 11 to Performance Center 11.50/11.52

This is a duplicate of a post in the LR forum that has answers.  Here is my reply:


Please see my comments below:


Q1) Is Performance Center 11.50 the latest one OR do we have any new versions of Performance Center released after 11.50?


A1) PC 11.52 Patch 1 is currently the most recent released version.  Installing PC 11.52 and then Patch 1 is what you should upgrade to directly from PC 11 so that you don't have to take another down time later to install Service Pack 2 (which is what 11.52 is, PC 11.5 with SP2) and then another down time to install Patch 01 on top of 11.52


Q2) From the below URL, noticed that Performance Center 11.52 is released, how stable is performance center 11.52 compared to 11.50?


A2) 11.52 with Patch 1 has a significant number of fixes and enhancements and is the most stable version of PC to date.


Q3) Are there any issues reported for 11.52 since it is a new release? Which is efficient patch # for 11.52?


A3) There have been some reported issues with 11.52 that have been resolved in Patch 01.  Please see the readme for patch 01 for a list of these resolved issues.  A full list of every issue ever reported is not possible to provide.  You can review the Software Support Site knowledge base for issues that have been reported.


Q4) Are there any unsolved issues reported for 11.50 since it was released? Which is efficient patch # for 11.50?


A4) 11.5 should not be considered.  The patches available for 11.5 are SP2 and the SP2 with Patch 01, this will upgrade you to 11.52 with patch 01.


Q5) What are the additions and eliminations done in 11.52 w.r.t to 11.50?


A5) Consult the readme for a list of changes made in 11.52


Q6) What are the steps we have to follow for upgrading performance center 11 to (performance center 11.50/52)?


A6) Installation instructions are provided and should be followed carefully as upgrading is not a trivial task.  The exact steps are too complex and too numerous to be posted here.  I would strongly suggest that you do several practice upgrades in a test environment so that you know all the steps in advance before upgrading your production environment.


Q7) Did anyone face challenges while upgrading from PC 11.00 to [PC 11.50/52] ; is it documented anywhere by Vendor for reference ?


A7) I have participated in several PC 11 - PC 11.5\11.52 upgrades and any issues that were encountered were a result of not following the directions as outlined in the documentation and\or making assumptions that were not true.  Others will need to provide their personal experience but if you do some practice upgrades before upgrading your production environment you should be able to discover and then avoid any issues


Q8) What are the pre-requisites ( database backup/admin access to repositories etc ) we have to follow before performing this version upgrade of PC 11 to 11.50/52?


A8) This information is documented in the manual and is too numerous to put is a post reply.  I would suggest that you verify every project in Site Admin to see if it needs to be repaired prior to upgrade.  You should have a full backup of every project data base before you upgrade.  You must kick off all users during the upgrade.  You need to determine if you are moving to new hardware or upgrading in place, the steps are different depending on what you chose.  Make sure that you are using compatible hardware as OS as there have been some changes between 11.0 and 11.5 as to what is supported.


Q9) Where from we have to download the new version software’s and patches ; will vendor provide appropriate software after studying our Infrastructure?


A9) Software is downloadable from the support web site.  You must have a valid SAID to download the software.  If you are unable to find the software I would suggest that you open a support case and an engineer can assist you with getting to the correct pages, the software is not available at a single URL that I can post. If you want HP Professional Services to help you with the upgrade you can contract them to do that but HP Support is a Break Fix organization, they will not be able to analyze your planned infrastructure or provide pre-install guidance.  If you have Premier Support with a Technical Account Manager (TAM) your TAM would be able to work with you to plan your upgrade, review your plans, and make suggestions, but they would not be able to perform the upgrade for you.  For that level of assistance you would need Professional Services.


Q10) Will the Version upgrade from 11.00 to [ 11.50 OR 11.52 ] affect the ALM 11/ Performance Center/ Load Runner Licenses?


A10) Yes, you will be required to get all new licenses when you upgrade to 11.5.  Version 11 licenses will not work in 11.5x


Q11) Should we request for Licenses for ALM/PC/LR/Shunra after the Upgrade?


A11) You should request your 11.5 license before you upgrade. Please not that Shunra licenses and questions about Shunra need to be directed to the makers of Shunra.  Shunra is not an HP product.


Q12) Will the old scripts present in PC 11.00/QTP 11.00 getexecuted on PC 11.50/52 OR do we need to upgrade all the 11.0 scripts to 11.50/52?


A12) PC 11 scripts will run in 11.5x without and problem


Q13) Should we use any upgrade tools like QTP Asset Upgrade Tool for Upgrading Scripts from One Version to another?


A13) The readme for PC 11.52 has a section that lists the version of other tools supported by PC.


Q14) Which Patch Level # is most efficient/recommended by vendor for PC 11.50 and PC 11.52?


A14) This seems like a duplicate, the most recent and most recommended version of PC as of the time I am replying is PC 11.52 Patch 01.


Q15) Important Question: How will the integration work between Shunra and PC 11.50/52? Which is the vendor tested  version of Shunra support PC 11.50/52?


A15) Unfortunately I am not an expert at Shunra.  The readme lists the version of Shunra supported by 11.52 is 8.6 and above.  There are notes in the readme specifically about Shunra so you should review them.  Also note that Patch 01 for 11.52 has specific changes with regard to Shunra so you should review the release notes for Patch 01 also.


Q16) Should we upgrade IE on client / server or is it not needed ; currently we are on IE9?


A16) IE 9 is fine. IE 10 is also supported.  IE 11 is not yet supported.


Q17) After Upgrade should we inform users to install any pre-requisites before accessing this new 11.50/11.52 release URL ?


A17) After upgrade all users will download the latest ALM client the next time they login.  Upgrade of VuGen and Analysis will be something they have to do on their own, following the documented instructions.


Q18) Is there a mechanism where we can load all the client side perquisites in one location of PC site, so that all users can download from that location onto their client machines by accessing PC application?


A19) There is a place in the ALM client that users can download the VuGen and Analysis software but any pre-requisites like .NET and the C++ libraries will be downloaded to each machine at runtime.  The ALM client can be packaged into SMS software and pushed to users machines in bulk.  Please refer to the documentation for the MSI Generator in the ALM 11.52 documentation


Q19) Please let me know the exact software's and software patches which we have to install on the below

1) PC Application Servers

2) Performance Center Hosts

3) MI Listener/Sitescope Machine

4) Load Generator Machines


A19) The best place to get the latest software is not at a pre-defined link.  You need to login to the software support site (, click on Login and sign in with your credentials. Click the Downloa...


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Re: Guidance for Upgrading Performance Center 11 to Performance Center 11.50/11.52

Thank you Craig_Drummond for your valuable inputs,

I will take these points to our business notice.

Unfortunately we did not have Evaluation/Development or Test Environment.

If these environments exist , I would have certainly tried the upgrade process first on these , so that I can know the hard challenges in the upgrade, make a notes on how I fixed them and apply the same during production upgrade.

What should be the process I can follow now ; since there are no other environments except production?

Once again thank you for your valuable time/ thoughts/guidance and patience.




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Re: Guidance for Upgrading Performance Center 11 to Performance Center 11.50/11.52

If you must upgrade in place, and you can't even have a virtual environment to test the upgrade process I beleive the install document discusses how to install in place but as an overview I would say:


1) have a full backup of each of the servers

2) have a full backup of every ALM Database (Site Admin, Lab Management, and every project)

3) have a full backup of the Smart Repository

4) Uninstall each of the 11.0 versions of the software from each server

5) Install the 11.52 versions of the software onto each server

  • Make sure that you don't create new site admin or lab management projects during the ALM configuration wizard.  Choose the option that says you are adding to an existing enviornment and point to the exisiting database

6) Install the 11.52 Patch 1

7) upgrade all of the projects (including lab managment)


Your contingency plan would be to restore all the databases, smart repository, and the server backups if you had to return to version 11 because of some catastrophic failure.


You might also consider contacting HP PSO to have the onsite during the upgrade.


Craig Drummond

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Re: Guidance for Upgrading Performance Center 11 to Performance Center 11.50/11.52

[ Edited ]

Good Morning Craig_Drummond,


Sure, I will take all these backups before start of Upgrade process.


I will also discuss considering an PSO as a service option with my management.


"If you must upgrade in place, and you can't even have a virtual environment to test the upgrade process I beleive the install document discusses how to install in place but as an overview I would say:"


Can you please let me know whether you are referring to  the documents "Upgrade Guide ALM and PC from 11 to 11_5.pdf" (OR) "ALM11.00_UpgradeBestPractices.pdf" ; of Knowledge Base article KM00439458.


Can you please provide or point me to the installation documents for ALM 11.52  and PC 11.52 and all the other documents which will used in this upgrade, i will go through them.


Thanks a lot for your time and valuable advise.





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Re: Guidance for Upgrading Performance Center 11 to Performance Center 11.50/11.52

[ Edited ]

The documents I am referring to are:







All available on the HP Support Web Site when you look for Manuals for PC 11.52


I would also review and


But the number one suggestion would be to get something like Oracle Virtual Box and set up a lab (I run a full ALM PCS and Host using Virtual box on my laptop with 8GB RAM) and set up a small lab enviornment with version 11 and the same patch level you have in your production environment.  Copy one of your exisitng projects into the lab enviornmment and then upgrade to 11.52 in that lab environment so you can gain some real work experence with the upgrade.


Nothing beats experience and nothing is more dangerous that upgrading production with out having done it before.


Just my opinion.


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Re: Guidance for Upgrading Performance Center 11 to Performance Center 11.50/11.52

Thank you Craig_Drummond.


I requested for test servers so that I can setup PC 11.00 and perform upgrade on test environment first.


I will also try to setup PC 11.0 over VM and will see how far I can go.


If you have notes(web links) on how to setup VM and how to configure ALM/PC over VM, please share it.

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Re: Guidance for Upgrading Performance Center 11 to Performance Center 11.50/11.52

I do not have documentation or notes for setting up virtual servers. I use Oracle Virtual Box and there is extensive documentation available online.  Many customer use VMWare and that too has its own documentation and support.  Since neither of those products are from HP I would not be able to provide more than just the reference to those products official sources of support.


As for installing ALM\PC, the steps are the same as what is documented in the manuals.  There are no special steps.  You should recognize that your test environment will likely run slower than your production environment but as long as the version of the operating system is the the same in the virtual environment and the physical environment you should not have any issues (If your virtualization software requires that you install a special or modified version of the OS then it is not supported).


Some things that have affected some users of virtual environments

  • Not enough memory to properly run ALM, the DB, or PCS
  • Trying to run the ALM, PCS, and DB software all on the same VM
  • The host for the VM being overloaded
  • Incorrect Network settings (in Oracle Virtual box you want to make sure you are using a bridged network so that the different VM's can communicate with each other)


As with all ALM\PC environments, physical or virtual, make sure that you disable:

  • Windows Firewall
  • DEP
  • UAC

Also ensure that you have the sa or equivalent database user and full Admin rights on the ALM\PCS computers



You can combine certain components onto the same server, but some components can't be installed together. In the Performance Center installation document there is a compatibility matrix that you should make sure that you are following.


In my Lab, installed on Oracle Virtual Box (because there is no charge to use the software for personal use) I have the following configuration:


Server 1 - ALM, SQL Server, smart repository

Server 2 - PCS

Server 3 - Host configured as Controller, Generator, and Data Processor


Your configuration may be slightly different



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Re: Guidance for Upgrading Performance Center 11 to Performance Center 11.50/11.52

Hi Craig,


So far I am successfull in creating ALM environment along with SQL Server and Repository on one VM.


When I tried to Create the Other two Servers( PCS, Controller/DP/LG) over the VM , due to lack of sufficient memory ( I have only 4 GB RAM on my laptop) the VM could not run all 3 Servers at a time and terminated the other two Servers.


I requested for additional RAM of 4 GB and also requested for additonal test servers.


I will keep you posted on my progress.


Your information is very helpful to me , I learned new things on how to setup VM,configuring ALM environment,PCS, Controller/Data Processor/LG etc, Thank you once again for guiding me in this process :)






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Re: Guidance for Upgrading Performance Center 11 to Performance Center 11.50/11.52



Regarding the download of PC releases, and in particular 11.52, according to the release notes of it, it shoud be like (quote):

To work with this patch, the ALM Server of the Performance Center environment must be upgraded to ALM 11.52.The ALM 11.52 release is available in two options, both are supported by Performance Center 11.52:

  • As a service pack on top of ALM 11.50 release (i.e. SP2 on top of ALM 11.50)
  • As a full release

I never succeeded in finding the "full release" of 11.52, could anyone please provide a link?


Best Regards,

Bjarne Dein
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