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swinstall and reboot

How do i find a swinstall requires reboot.?

Does gtk_26800_pa.depot installation requires a reboot.?

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Re: swinstall and reboot

Generally, installing patches involving kernel filesets will require a reboot and the patch details will tell you this. This sounds like an application (gtk=GNU Tool Kit?), thus it will have no effect on kernel filesets and therefore not require a reboot.


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Re: swinstall and reboot

you can use swlist to see if it has the is_reboot atributte, for example:

db2@root:>swlist -l fileset -a is_reboot | grep -i vmProvider.VM
vmProvider.VM-PROV-CORE false

on a depot:

db2@root:>swlist -a is_reboot -s inte:/var/opt/ignite/depot/freeware rsync
# Initializing...
# Contacting target "sdprinte"...
# Target: sdprinte:/var/opt/ignite/depot/freeware

# rsync
rsync.rsync-RUN false

Windows?, no thanks
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