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how to create a depot

hi i have couple of patches and would like to create a depot - how do i? i have a create_depot script in the same dir
pls advice


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Re: how to create a depot

Hi Navin:

It seems that this is related to:

See my response there (run '/tmp/create_depot_hp-ux_11' to create '/tmp/depot'.)


# swinstall -s /tmp/depot -x autoreboot=true -x patch_match_target=true

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Re: how to create a depot

you need to use swcopy, if the target depot doesn't exist it will be created by the command

for instance
for i in tmp_$depotname/PH*.depot
swcopy -x enforce_dependencies=false -s $PWD/$i \* @ $PWD/$depotname

it will get all the patch in tmp_$deponame and will create a depot named $depotname
usable with swinstall.

then if you want to make a depot file if you want:
swpackage -x media_type=tape -s $PWD/$depotname \* @ $PWD/$depotname.depot

it will create a file $depotname.depot with all the patch in it.
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Re: how to create a depot

Hi Navin,

Creating a separate software depot for your patches is useful,
when space is tight and patches have dependencies.

Assuming you have two patches PHNE_20000 and PHNE_20001.

unshare all two patches by typing the following commands.

sh PHNE_20000
sh PHNE_20001

Next, we have to create a new software depot on the directory /newdir/depot

mkdir /newdir/depot
swpackage -s PHNE_20000.depot -d /newdir/depot

Register your new depot on the sd-ux.

swreg -l depot /newdir/depot

Copy the next patch to the newly created software depot.

swcopy -s `pwd`/PHNE_20001.depot PHNE_20001 @ /newdir/depot

You are now ready to install your patches

swinstall -s /newdir/depot

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Re: how to create a depot

>Kranti: Assuming you have two patches PHNE_20000 and PHNE_20001.

If you downloaded two patches, you can get this wrapped with a script that does all of this, create_depot_hp-ux_11 that JRF mentioned.
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Re: how to create a depot

Even though all solutions are good but, I think there is no need to do special, when you download patch(s) from hp site. Package already comes from create_depot script as JRF and Dennis stated above.
All you need to run this script and depot automatically will be setup in your system.

If you do not have this script use JRF solution.
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