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depot creation question

I ran swainv, uploaded the script, got the tgz file, ungizipped and untarred it.

When I ran the create_depot script, I got the main depot and also about a dozen PH????????.depot items.

Why are there additional .depot files and why aren't they placed in the main depot?

I tried to install them manually after installing the main depot and I got a response that they are not applicable.


Should I have swcopied them into the main depot?


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Bill Hassell
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Re: depot creation question

This is quite normal. The details are in the README file where it tells you to run the create_depot script. This will automatically unpack all the patch files, then swcopy all of them into a registered depot in the current directory. Or you can read the script and run it with other options. You run swinstall and specify the fullpath to the depot. Be sure to use -s <fullpath> to the depot directory created by the script, and be sure to add a trailing \* at the end of the full path so everything is analyzed at the same time. It is normal to have patches that are not needed.

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Dennis Handly
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Re: depot creation question (on patch downloads)

>Why are there additional .depot files and why aren't they placed in the main depot?


As Bill says, they are.  The create_depot script uses swcopy to copy all of the small depots into the big one.

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