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Upgrading Unix firmware

I have the latest firmware version and loaded it into the /tmp/depot directory but swinstall does not recognize it. How do I load it

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Re: Upgrading Unix firmware

Need just a bit more information:

What kind of a computer do you have (Unix is not a computer)

What are you patching? The name of the patch would be useful.

What is the swinstall command line you are using?

What are the results from swinstall?

If this was a downloaded patch file, did you read the installation instructions?

If the file was something like PHXX_12345, did you unshar the package?

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Re: Upgrading Unix firmware



  System firmware update can be installed by CD/depot/FTP


  Best way to install is to through CD. There only, we can choose seperate hardware to upgrade.


  In maximum conditions, upgrade through depot/FTP will fail.


  Download the firmware image(.iso) from hp site, burn it, boot through the CD and go through installation notes which is on HP Site.



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Re: Upgrading Unix firmware

Nobody can give a good advise without knowing your server model ...

Hope this helps!


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