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Swverify Error

Hello Admins,

My team were planning to patch one of our server(HPUX 11.23/ia64/rx3600) and i was just checking the consistency of software's currently installed.I just ran a "swverify \*" and was shocked seeing the results
ERROR: 25 of 3099 filesets had Errors.
WARNING: 26 of 3099 filesets had Warnings.

Please find full output of swverify attached.
Is my system broken badly ? all filesets are in configured state but still swverify gave lot of errors.How will i proceeding fixing all the errors.

awaiting your suggestions.
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Re: Swverify Error

Greetings boomerang,

Well the considerable amount of errors seem to be coming off OpenView . A lot of stuff under /opt/OV seem to be missing. So, a wild guess would be has someone been deleting things that are not supposed to be.

Ismail Azad
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Re: Swverify Error

Well it depends on your definition of "broken badly". TO be honest most of th errors seem to be simple ownership/permission errors, or checksum errors on files that its possible could change anyway - I don't see much in there that would cause a major problem... however you do have at least one core fileset which is broken - patch PHKL_33312. So I would run an swconfig against that patch and see if you can get it from an installed to configured state.

All the openview, data protector, and EMC power path looks like a mess, but none of it will I think stop your system booting - I might be tempted to uninstall/reinstall all those products if you can't determine _why_ someone has deleted so many files...

So not terminally broken in my opinion, but some work to do to clean everything up.




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Re: Swverify Error

ERROR: File "/sbin/dmesg" should have mode "555" but the actual mode is "4555".
ERROR: File "/usr/bin/at" should have mode "4555" but the actual mode is "555".
ERROR: File "/opt/emc/SYMCLI/V6.4.0/daemons/storsrvd" should have mode "555" but the actual mode is "4555".
ERROR: File "/opt/emc/SYMCLI/V6.4.0/daemons/storsrmd" should have mode "555" but the actual mode is "4555".

This first and later ones could be a security problem. The second one removes the use of at(1).
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