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Problem with Patch installation

Hi everyone,

I have the problem of patch management.
After downloading patches from internet, I try to follow the procedures and add the patches.

Taking PHSS_XXXX as an example :

#ls -alg
# swinstall -s PHSS_XXXX.depot

However, I get the error message with " I/O device error ..."

The installation is abort .
HP version : 11.0

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Re: Problem with Patch installation


With swinstall -s, try the full path name

Supposing that PHSS_XXX.depot is in /tmp

do :
swinstall -s /tmp/PHSS_XXXX.depot

instead of

swinstall -s PHSS_XXXX.depot


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Re: Problem with Patch installation

Your download from HP website doesn't seem to have worked properly. Compare the size of your file on the server with the size the HP website says it should be. I found that using the standard windows downloader when downloading from HP website it says it has completed correctly when it fact it hasn't (the connection has timed out). This is true when there is alot of traffic on the website. I ended up getting leechftp (or gozilla, or some other intelligent down load manager) which recommences downloades when it senses that the connection has been broken and restarts it from the correct place.
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Re: Problem with Patch installation

the problem could be with improper/incorrect download of the patch.. please down loading it again try to install.
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Re: Problem with Patch installation


is it possible that you have a reference to a cd-rom in /etc/fstab? Put it in comment, and do your swinstall. When finished uncomment it.

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Re: Problem with Patch installation

Patrice was exactly correct. When running swinstall without a registered depot, you must give the absolute path.
If the download was not completed the shell archive would have told you that it was corrupt in some fashion. "Unexpected End of File" comes to mind.
As for the fstab file, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with receiving an I/O error when trying to read a depot!

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