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SCSI Sense information dump


I am running an HP C1700T jukebox (HP40T) with two drives (HP C1716T) in it. The software that runs this jukebox is AMASS.

The last days, many failures during readings/writings appears on one drive. The AMASS log reports SCSI Sense information dumps, e.g.
Aug 22 18:43:39 front amass LIBIO2_1[2258]: E0695(7)<00000>:scsilib6176: SCSI Sense information dump (in hex): Sense key: 0x3 ASC: 0x11 ASCQ: 0x2 f0 00 03 00 04 c3 16 10 00 00 00 00 11 02 00 80 00 02 41 01 00 00 00 00

Is anybody able to interprete this code? What does it mean?
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Re: SCSI Sense information dump

For what it is worth SK 0x03 can translate something like this...

MEDIUM ERROR. Indicates that the command terminated with a non-recovered error condition that was probably caused by a flaw in the medium or an error in the recorded data. This sense key may also be returned if the target is unable to distinguish between a flaw in the medium and a specific hardware failure (sense key 4h).

The tables I have may or may not be relevant you, because different hardware may imply different meanings...but it sounds like bad media...


11h 02h Error to long to correct
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Re: SCSI Sense information dump

Hello Thomas,

you may want to check "logtool", a utility that comes with SupportToolsManager (ie DiagSW on your SupportPlus-CD): usually it is pretty verbose with repect to scsi errors.

cstm>ru logtool
logtool>sl,ok,sr,(ff), fl
to get to formatted logfiles. Both logtool and [cmx]stm have a pretty good online help (cstm/logtool> help)

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Re: SCSI Sense information dump

I am using 2 juke boxes
I also get these SCSI dumps, v use AMASS
1) # drivestat

1 1 A 0 0
2 1 A 0 0
1 2 A 0 0
drivestat: 3 drives configured in this system
# drivelist

1 1 A 0
2 1 A 0
1 2 A 0
drivelist: 3 drives configured in this system

3) amass_log
it will tell you drive failures
I had just recently
HP replaced the Drives, all ok now
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