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Sending attachment via email

Hi there,


I am new to OO and doing alot of self-learning.

I have created a flow which does windows server health-check and then writes all the results in a text file.

However, I do encounter two things which I need some help.  :-P


#1 - Write To File

I am trying to write the output into a text file by passing the variables in - "Write to File" operation. Something like:





However, when I checked the text file, it seems OO ignored the newline I put in between ${value1} and ${value2}. Am I doing it correctly or do I need some special filter to print newline in the output file?



#2 - Send attachment via email.

I am using the 'Basic Notify' operation to send email notification, however it doesn't seem like this operation or other operations in OO that can send email with attachment. I would like to send the output file from the OO flow above to myself via email.

I tried to put the variables in the email content, but seems like the exchange server stripped all the formatting, and the email content is hard/impossible to read.

Any idea how to send a text file attachment via email in OO?



Any information would be appreciated. :)




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Re: Sending attachment via email

The "Write To File" not showing the newlines is just a weird encoding issue with Notepad. If you open the file with WordPad or Notepad++ it will display the text correctly.


As for sending mail with attachments you can use the operation below.

/Library/Operations/Email/Send Mail


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Re: Sending attachment via email

Hi Steve,


Thanks. Done. :)

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