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TeMIP TNDL maps not working

TeMIP map is not getting generated and fails with following error when we run DataLoad -d


[MAJOR] [expand/undefined] 3211 TAL unexpected exception condition encountered: %MCC-E-PM_INST_SYNTAX, Entity instance syntax error.  Please check spelling.  Step: Expansion, file: /var/opt/temip/TNDL/maps/tmp/map_20131022010101.xml, current: Cisco_M12000 / H-AFA-Cnt01 (at line 1296 in file ndl_xml.cxx)


I had verified that these entities exist in TeMIP maps database ( tables map and map_items ) but still could not figure why this error occurs.


Please help if anyone has worked on TeMIP maps please

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Re: TeMIP TNDL maps not working

Hello Ramesh,


You say you did this already, but please check once again file:

/var/opt/temip/TNDL/maps/tmp/map_20131022010101.xml and line 1296.

Those entities should exist in TeMIP, not in TeMIP Maps DB.

They should be a valid managedObject.

The easiest option to check this is copy the entity on line 1296 and in do a SHOW in MANAGE:

manage show ENTITY FROM LINE 1296 and check the output from manage.


You can then modify the file above to correct entity or just clean up tmp path and restart TNDL process again.

Keep in mind that if tmp path contains some xml files, TNDL tries to process them when you next run it.




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Re: TeMIP TNDL maps not working

Thanks Ivo for your suggestions.


But the problem was with there was a entity class missing with respect to MAPS ( testobj ) and this had caused the issue.


We created this entity class again and now map generation is working fine.

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