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zt1141s Screen Resolution S3 Twister

I own a HP Pavilion Notebook zt1141s/S3 Graphics HP Twister/ running Windows XP Home SP1

When adjusting the display using CONTROL PANELS/DISPLAY/SETTINGS TAB and moving the SCREEN AREA slider to 640x480 the screen shrinks and is displayed on my LCD (Notebook Screen) with a huge black border all around the perimeter.

Is this normal? I thought the principle of lowering the resolution of the screen area would be to make every thing appear large, yet still filling the whole screen? -it seems to do this on other computers I have tested (NEC desktop & Sharp Notebook).

The HP notebook will also use this 'shrunk' screen when started in Windows safe mode.

Thanks for your time.


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Re: zt1141s Screen Resolution S3 Twister

You will need to enable stretching to get it to fill the whole screen, the option for this is usually in bios setup, or under advanced display options. Usually it is disabled by default because the image will get distorted on resolutions lower than the native resolution. lcd screens only have 1 resolution they work at which is the phsycial size of the screen in pixels too, and anything lower than that will not fill the screen unless you stretch it.
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Re: zt1141s Screen Resolution S3 Twister

Do a search of this forum and you will find more than enough information concerning screen resolutions. The streching option does not work like you may think it would. You may end up with everything looking jagged on screen. I have a zt1190 with a native 1400 X 1050 resolution and that is all I get without distortion or a large black box around the screen. It is something you have to live with due to the nature of these screens.
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Re: zt1141s Screen Resolution S3 Twister

Thanks to you both for your answers. At least I know that my beloved zt1141s isn't at fault.

And i guess it also anwsers why my zt1141s boot screen (winows xp home edition) looks so good compared to other notebooks. On other notebooks its all large and blocky!

Thanks again,

Dean (HP zt1141s/photosmart 120/PSC 750 user UK)
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