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Wireless card suddenly stopped working

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No idea what happened, but to be thorough, here's the transcript of my online chat transcript. At the end, the new driver I downloaded seemed to crash during the install process. It started, asked me if I agreed with the whatever agreement, then a brief flash of a progress bar, and then a minute or so of the little spinny cursor. Then I got a dialog box that told me it may not have installed properly and offered to let me install with the 'default' settings or whatever. I did so, but it still crashed at the same point.

Anyhow, the following is the entire back story. Any help would be appreciated.

Chat Transcript Begins Here
Hello Rob.

Welcome to HP Total Care for Presario Notebooks.
I'e got a little problem. My wireless hardware seems to have
just stopped working.

Not to worry, Rob. I will do my best to assist you in this regard.

I've flipped the switch on the front both ways, and the light stays


Have you made any software or hardware changes before the issue started?

Only the following: Regular Windows Vista's updates, Norton, and my
Warcraft client.

But it was working fine earlier this evening, after all that had been

Oh! I see.

I've also downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the wireless

What version of Windows (ie XP or Vista) do you use?

Vista Home Basic

I appreciate your efforts in trying to resolve the issue.

I've done all that I could.

Perform the steps below to check the Wireless card status in Device


1) Click on Windows button.
2) Go to Search box and type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
3) You will get the Device Manager window
4) Click on the + sign before the Network Adapter category.

Let me know the exact entries listed for this category?

NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

And that's all.

Thanks. Is there any entry with yellow exclamation mark in the Device
Manager window?


This clearly confirms that the Wireless card is not detected in your
Notebook. I will provide you some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.


May I know the Serial number of your Presario to check the exact model ?

yes, one moment.

The serial number is a 10 digit alpha numeric number found at the bottom
of the notebook.

Sure. Take your own time.


Thank you for the Serial number.

Perform the below steps to check the current BIOS version in your


1) Click on Windows button and go for Search box.
2) Type msinfo32 and press enter.
3) You will get the System Information window.
4) go for BIOS version/date field and let me know the information for this

Hewlett-Packard F.04 1/18/2007

Thank you. To resolve the Wireless card issue, perform the below steps one
by one after completing the chat session.


1) Install BIOS update
2)BIOS defaults.
3) install Wireless driver.

I will provide you all the above links and steps.

Ok, thanks.

1) Download the BIOS update from the below link :


by the way, I REALLY wish I could make this chat window bigger. It's
annoyingly small.

Do not click on the link. Please copy the link and paste the link at the
address bar of the browser. Next hit the enter key.

Not to worry, I will also send the copy of the chat transcript to your
email id after completion of the chat session.


BIOS update Note:

1. The Notebook should be connected and run on AC adapter
2. Remove any external devices connected to the Notebook

Once you install the BIOS update, set the BIOS to defaults using the below

1. Turn on the computer.

2. Keep tapping the F10 key when the Compaq logo appears. This will take
you to BIOS Setup Utility.

3. Press F9 to "Set Defaults and Exit".

4. Press F10 to "Save and Exit" the BIOS.

5. Click on Ok/Yes to confirm the changes.


6. Restart the computer.

Step 3: After restarting the Notebook, download the Wireless driver from
the link below and install it in your Notebook.


Do not click on the link. Please copy the link and paste the link at the
address bar of the browser. Next hit the enter key.

This will resolve the issue in most of the cases, in rare case if the
issue persists then please get back to us, we will arrange for the Mail in
service to fix the Wireless card issue.

Thank you.

Here is your chat session id : 10011011194799628828

Got it.

Chat Transcript Ends Here



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Re: Wireless card suddenly stopped working

Ok, so eight hours and nothing.
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Re: Wireless card suddenly stopped working

I just sent in my dv6045nr for the second time. Hopefully they can get it fixed this time. There is an extention to the 1 year waranty

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Re: Wireless card suddenly stopped working

It happened to me today.
I have a dv6000, and am also leaving the country for an extended period of time. Looks like I'll be calling from the airport...
I'll let you know if I get anything working.
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Re: Wireless card suddenly stopped working

Chacho Rodriguez which part of this conversation you did not understand. What every bit of information will help to you HP guys. Why HP do not confirm that HP product ( nootebuks)have some major problem, and resolve them- simply stop sell them and reimburse to your customers. Thank you.
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Tushar Sharma_1
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Re: Wireless card suddenly stopped working

Hi . Ive got the exact same problem with my presario F558US . is there any way to fix this yet? not having the wireless card is really affecting my work

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Rhonda Bodak
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Re: Wireless card suddenly stopped working

My Presario F558 lost it wireless stuff too.
I did find an "URGENT SUPPORT NOTIFICATION FROM HP" link on another forum but my computer was not one of the ones listed that were elegible for a free repair and extended warranty. Just e-mailed support asking how to get mine fixed since it has the same symptoms as the ones covered.
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Re: Wireless card suddenly stopped working

HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement

HP has identified a hardware issue with certain Compaq Presario F500 series notebook PCs, and has also released a new BIOS for these notebook PCs, version F.1F .
If you own a Compaq Presario F500 series computer, are experiencing no symptoms on your computer, and would like to obtain more information about updating your system to the new BIOS release, please go to the "Update the BIOS to the latest version " section on this page. If you are experiencing one or more symptoms listed below, and your computer meets the product criteria listed below, contact HP to determine whether you are eligible for a free repair.
NOTE: This service enhancement program is available in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa for 24 months after the start of your original standard limited warranty for issues listed below; otherwise your current standard limited warranty applies. Customers who already have a 24 month or longer warranty period will be covered under their existing standard HP Limited Warranty. This service enhancement does not affect any further rights which customers may have under local laws, including consumer warranty laws.

Determine whether your computer is eligible for free repair
Follow the steps below to determine whether your computer is eligible for a free repair:
Step 1: Identify your notebook series and product number
Using the Service Tag on your notebook, determine if your notebook is one of the product numbers in the table below. If the product number of your notebook is not listed in that table then your notebook PC is not included in the Limited Warranty Service Enhancement program.
Where are the notebook series and product number located?
The service tag, located on the bottom of the notebook PC, contains the notebook PC series and product number.
Figure 1: Sample of the service tag

1 - Product number (p/n)
2 - Serial Number (s/n)
NOTE: The product number is followed by the # character and a three digit code. Use the first 7-8 characters before the # character to identify your notebook in the tables below.The serial number will be requested by the HP Customer Care Representative to identify the notebook and obtain service or repair.

Compaq Presario F500 series notebooks sold in North America

Compaq Presario F500 series notebooks sold in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Step 2: Identify the symptoms
If your computerâ s product number is listed above, and the notebook PC experiences one or more of the symptoms listed below, contact HP during the duration of the HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement to determine whether you are eligible for a free repair.
The following symptoms apply to Compaq Presario F500 notebooks:
The notebook does not detect wireless networks and the wireless adapter is not detected in the Device Manager.
There is no video on the computer LCD panel or external monitor.
The notebook turns on, power LEDs light up, but nothing is seen on the display.
Service enhancements
After HP receives your notebook PC, HP will use its best efforts to repair and ship your notebook to you within 10 to 14 business days, depending on your region.
Post-service warranty
After HP repairs your notebook, you will continue to be covered by the HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement program for 24 months after the start of your original standard limited warranty, or 90 days after receiving your free repair, whichever is later.
NOTE: This service enhancement program does not affect your current standard limited warranty. If you are experiencing issues or concerns other than those listed above, your current standard limited warranty applies.In the event your notebook has been serviced for one of the above issues and you have been charged for service please contact HP to determine if you are eligible for cost reimbursement.

Contacting HP
To contact HP in the United States and Canada call 1-866-671-7362 from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm MST, 7 days a week.
To contact HP in Europe, the Middle East and Africa go to the Contact HP Customer Care page .

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Re: Wireless card suddenly stopped working


I have a problem on my NC4000 too. My W500 ABG wireless g 108g stops working and I rather installed a latest newest Wireless N card either model AR5008 or AR5416 or AR5133. I don't like the wireless g anymore bcoz can't get a better range or pick up good signals and have always dead spots frequency. But when I plug a Wireless N either of those model wireless N it is really working only when I re-insert the Wireless N card on "Standby Mode Sleep" and insert the card then wake up my laptop and started being detected and asking for a driver which I installed the driver and I can even surfs around in the Internet. It works excellent. But the big problem is do you have the PCI\VENdor, DEVice, and SUBSYStem ID value of that wireless N model and can you help me how to do it on the HEX editor or on the Knoppix version 5.3.1 doing editing in the EEPROM or is there any strategy that you know how to recognize my wireless N in the BIOS of my NC4000? Because since my NC4000 is very old laptop, after 5 years the wireless N came out current year and is not in the list inside the BIOS of my laptop. So, on first after boot it detected the wireless N and it always shows up in the after the first boot about that error messages "104-Unsupported Wireless Network Detected Device" and halting the system. I don't like it.

Can you help me fix away the "104-Unsupported Wireless" error messages. I know those new wireless N card are always compatible to the NC4000 model. Don't tell me it is not possible.

You can see on this customers too who help other people around here in HP Forum. But the author of this BIOS fixer is gone and unable to reach the gentleman. This is his how he fix away the 104 error on website:


But the ID value is what I'm looking for, of the model I mentioned above, earlier. There is no restriction on the wireless cards in BIOS, You can use any wifi/wireless card. As long as you can help me find the PCI\VENdor, DEVice, and SUBSYStem ID value for those model I mentioned above. The HP don't build anymore Wireless N squared shape type contour designed for NC4000 and for other HP old laptop model. Or is there such a thing a software can detect the ID value of those wireless N card models I mentioned?

So please help me out this problem as soon as possible please... I'll be waiting...

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Re: Wireless card suddenly stopped working

I have a Presario F572US (F500) and the Wi-Fi dropped off completely when I added a USB mouse. I tried a lot of things that failed. Services wanted me to pay $260.

I resolved it by downloading the latest HP Update. Suddenly it worked again!

No frying pan to the head for me tonight from the wife!
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Re: Wireless card suddenly stopped working


my girlfriends and I both have Compaq Presario F500 laptops, mine has been fine but hers has suffered from the wireless card problem (light staying on, switch making no difference). We had been getting around this using an external USB wireless adapter but the laptop has now progressed to the 'powers on but no video output' problem.

The p/n is GH835EA#ABU, same as my own which is concerning and hopefully not a sign of things to come for my own!

Although not included in the list shown on this page as a 'known issue production' experiences identical issues, what can I do?
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