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Upgrading BIOS on L2000 notebook

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Apologies for a "notebook" post in "workstation", but there doesn't appear to be a workstation/portable topic.

I've got a L2000 notebook that I've upgraded to Vista Ultimate. I've noticed that there's an updated BIOS, but I'm unable to install it due to an error. I've been round and round with HP's laptop support group and they've finally concluded that the BIOS upgrade procedure isn't supported on "Vista Ultimate". According to their assertion it would be supported on these OSs:
Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Vista Business (64-bit), Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit), Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit), Windows Vista Business (32-bit), Windows Vista Home Basic (32-bit), Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit), Microsoft Windows XP Professional

...just not Vista "Ultimate".



Anyhow, when trying to apply BIOS found at:〈=en&os=2093&product=1114027

I'm greeted with this error message:

This system does not contain the necessary WMI support for this version o HPQFlash. Please use a version of HPQFlash prior to version 4.0.

A log file is created as well and looks like this:

09/19/2008 18:02:05.895 --- START NEW HPQFLASH SESSION, HPQFLASH version
09/19/2008 18:02:05.895 Parsing command line: command line =
09/19/2008 18:03:42.142 InitInstance: WMI BIOS Flash function is not supported on this system. Program will stop
09/19/2008 18:03:42.174 Exit hpqFlash: Return Code = 259
09/19/2008 18:03:42.174 --- END HPQFLASH SESSION ---

Can anyone here provide any thoughts, guidance, or be more helpful than the fine notebook support folks at HP?






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Re: Upgrading BIOS on L2000 notebook


Have you tried going into "Safe Mode" to flash the BIOS? Sometimes when you are running windows in normal mode, there are programs running in the background that prevent changing the BIOS. i would try "Safe Mode" just to see if it works. If it doesn't, all you have lost is a little time. I hope this helps.


P.S. NEVER unplug or turn off your computer while flashing the BIOS.
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Re: Upgrading BIOS on L2000 notebook

Thanks, Greg.

Yes, I have tried all the variations of Safe Mode. (network, not network, etc), and have the same error.

I'm fairly confident that this probably wont work on any version of Vista. From the error message it would appear that there have been changes in WMI that HP hasn't accounted for. There's also an outside chance that the problem is even broader. I booted up WinPE and had the same results. Without engineering looking at it, I don't think I'll get anywhere unless I decide to scrounge up a spare laptop HD and install XP on it and try it.
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Re: Upgrading BIOS on L2000 notebook

L2000 is an AMD Turion processor from what I've seen. This update specifically says (for intel processors). I'm assuming Hp made a mistake by adding this bios update for this notebook. It won't update because if it did flash it would ruin your notebook.

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Re: Upgrading BIOS on L2000 notebook

Thank you James. I hadn't noticed the platform indicated, so this makes perfect sense.

Too bad the internal HP folks responsible for this aren't half as smart as you!
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