HP pavilion ze1250 shuts down randomly (276 Views)
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HP pavilion ze1250 shuts down randomly

My hp notebook shuts down randomly and without warning. I've noticed that other people have had this problem. Any luck?

After contacting HP, they walked me through various solutions, none of which worked. Finally the techie instructed me to follow the instructions in the manual and restore windows...formatting the hard drive. Well, now i've tried it four or five times, and the computer shuts down in the middle of the re-install every time...leaving me in computer limbo: I can't boot into windows, and i can't install windows. Any suggestions?
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Re: HP pavilion ze1250 shuts down randomly

Search on this topic here.

It's been quite covered before and you'll pick up a lot about it on the other threads.

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Re: HP pavilion ze1250 shuts down randomly

One of the suggestions was to upgrade the BIOS - there was an issue with an earlier BIOS and XP SP1? (Do search this archive, this has been discussed in gory detail before... :-))
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Re: HP pavilion ze1250 shuts down randomly

Had a similar problem with my hp laptop..turned out to be a thermal problem..the fan port was clogged and caused the system to overheat. Make sure the fans work and are not clogged.. Good Luck Ron
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Re: HP pavilion ze1250 shuts down randomly

I have the ze1250. Well, had one. It just got sent back to HP via the store I purchased it from, with the extended warranty, with a clicking noise being made until about 15sec's later it would never go back into os. Not to worry, I worked the heck out of it for 1.5yrs (ran it almost daily at home & work running graphic intense CAD apps, so I don't think it's anything but worn out).

Was one of the HP techie's suggestions to update the bios? My ze1250 didn't shut down, but it would freeze almost hourly, until I updated the bios. That update did the trick, sort of. It cut down the freezes from several times a day to about 1/month.

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