HP Pavilion dv8000 getting #1-07 Fail Error (4341 Views)
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HP Pavilion dv8000 getting #1-07 Fail Error

1 yr old hp pavilion notebook started failing to boot up properly (fyi...started a few weeks after install of external backup drive). phoenix bios diagnostic test shows #1-07 error. i've seen other posts on this topic, but it wasn't clear if this was a hard drive failure OR mainboard failure and/or what the resolution should be (HDD replacement? Recovery disk and reinstall?) Any info would be very much appreciated. --Kevin
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Re: HP Pavilion dv8000 getting #1-07 Fail Error

It is a SMART error in the hard drive so you are looking at a hard drive replacement. Here is an article that explains it with a list of error codes:


The #07 error is too many seek errors in the read head which is a bad thing and will quickly lead to data corruption so back up. Shop for a new drive on www.newegg.com or even BestBuy, Frys etc. now carry laptop drives at good prices.

Installation instructions:


The dv8000 does not use SATA drives; it uses the older PATA or ATA-100 type. You can use any size you can find. 200 and 250 gig drives are now available and the sweet spot in terms of price/space is 120 or 160 gigs. Good luck.
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Re: HP Pavilion dv8000 getting #1-07 Fail Error

I have just had this error on a V6000.

Also in Event viewer under system I had the following warning;

Event ID - 51 - An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation.

I assume that the #1 refers to the first error dound and the "07 fail" refers to the actual SMART error?
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Re: HP Pavilion dv8000 getting #1-07 Fail Error

I got hard disk errors according to the online diagnostics. And in chat, an HP rep told me to do the self-test via BIOS. And, on that test, I got the same "#1- 07 FAIL" message.

My system is a Pavilion 8408us. However, rather than go back to HP chat with this, I decided to take the offensive.

My laptop's hard drive was a Seagate. So, I went to their site and downloaded their SeaTools utility. It's an ISO file you burn to a CD - then boot with it. SeaTools runs a quick test, followed by a long test, followed by an attempt to repair any errors it finds. The test found five errors ... and in less than a minute, repaired all five. Afterward, I went back to BIOS and retested - and it passed quick test, comprehensive test, and SMART test with flying colors.

Point is, many hard disk errors can be repaired. Even if you can no longer log onto your computer, a geek shop can run an error fixer utility on your hard drive.


If you can still log onto your computer, find out what hard drive brand you're using and visit their site. Most manufacturers have similar utilities to SeaTools. If they don't, and you don't already have the tool installed, visit the Symantec site and download a trial version of Norton Utilities which can do the same search/repair functions:

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