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HP Notebook & ISDN USB Modems

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Hi there

I have a Duxbury 128000bps USB ISDN 2A modem, which works just fine on my home workstation and other laptop makes/models, but for the life of me I am unable to get it to function correctly on my HP nc6320 laptop. I have installed the most up to date drivers that Duxbury has (not that new, I tell you), and even tried some alternatives from Billion, but all of the drivers, when installing, give me a blue screen when loading what I think is the NDIS WAN Miniport adapter.

I then though I would invest in an alternate modem, and purchased the Billion ISDN Tiny USB Modem (realy cute!!), and suffice it to say that I am still receiving blue screens when trying to install the driver.

I even went so far as to reload my nc6320 from scratch (using the F11 - reload/restore option?), and with this absolutely new and clean installation, I still cannot get the drivers loaded.

I am beginning to wonder whether there is any sort of problem on the HP laptop, as this problem happens on a colleagues nc6120 as well.

Any and all ideas welcome, please!!! :)



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Re: HP Notebook & ISDN USB Modems

Hi there

I am at the end of my tether with this thing!!

I cannot figure out whether the cause is hardware or software related, but I suspect possibly some common firmware version might be influencing this?

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Re: HP Notebook & ISDN USB Modems

OK, I have been dealing with a similar problem on a DC7600.

The solution that worked for me was to not use hyperthreading. This is set in the BIOS under Power On Options (page 22 of Manual).

Press F10 key when starting PC and look for Power On Option Settings, page down and you will find an option to stop Hyperthreading.

Interestingly for me, the DC7600 I am using on this project does not contain the actual Hyperthreading BIOS option to turn it off and this is now a separate request.

I hope it works for you,


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Re: HP Notebook & ISDN USB Modems

Hi Adrian

My nc6320 does not have the same option as yours, but I did find something about a dual processor option, which I disabled. To no avail...

Do you agree with my suspicion that the problem is related to my laptop, and not the USB modem/driver? I just want to know where I should concentrate my efforts...

William R.
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