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Error on my ZE5185

My new Pavilion ze5185 was purring until I installed a new software program tonight and got an error. Apparently there's some problem with the HP display.

The error message reads "Problem sending command to keyboard" and it keeps popping up although everything seems to be working.

Also when I shutdown a new "meter" starts showing a shutdown of the HP Display. This never ran before. It stalls every time.

I'm sure the keyboard command and this display problem are linked.

I've uninstalled the new software but the program continues. The "Problem Sending Command to Keyboard" just keeps popping up.

Any suggestions?

And to think just today I was thinking how wonderful my new computer was running.

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Re: Error on my ZE5185

Here I am answering my own question.

I did a search of this forum using the search words "command to keyboard" figuring that if someone else had this problem, they'd have included the "error message".

What I discovered is that this is a common problem and Adobe Type Manager is the culprit. I'd installed AdobePhoto shop, and not the Type Manager, but apparently the Type Manager is installed automatically (and I did see it in the list of programs.) It is Type Manager that conflicts and causes the keyboard error!!!

So tonight I'll remove it. I'm sure that's my problem (although I'm at work and can't try it out until tomorrow).

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Re: Error on my ZE5185

The pc version of ATM is a joke because windows already manages (inefficiently) the fonts for you. It caused me some problems too in the past, i only use ATM on the mac now. Strange that ATM would be causing a keyboard error, but I have come to expect anything with windows now.
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