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help omnibook hard drive (partition?)


I have a Hewlett Packard OmniBook 6000 note book, running on Windows 2000.

The hard drive is formatted into two drives (C & D). C drive has a 1.99 GB capacity and drive D has a 14.8 GB capacity.

The C drive is now totally full, but the D drive has plenty of space, but I can??? move anything more over to the D drive without screwing up programs.

Can somehow tell me how I can reformat the hard drive to make more space on drive C?

Thanks in advance, I am really stuck.

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Re: help omnibook hard drive (partition?)

Partition Magic by Powerquest is supposed to do this.
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Re: help omnibook hard drive (partition?)

PartitionMagic is recommended by all who want to update partition sizes without disrupting existing data. It is also a reportedly smooth and robust tool. I have not yet tried it, but it is a viable solution if you want more flexibility than outlined below.

However, assuming you want to reinstall the OS of your computer, know what secondary programs/software you need to re-install after reloading the OS, AND you have backups of all your user data from all your machine's partitions, there is a free/built-in method to both update your C/D partitions to just one big C partition, and optionally convert it to NTFS.

***Important Note*** - The sequence below WILL ERASE all data on your hard-drive from all partitions. You will need to install all programs and restore all data that you have created/added to your machine since you first purchased it.

***Another Important Note *** The following sequence is validated only on an Omnibook 6000 running Windows2000 already. Other configurations should not be assumed to work, since the Product Recovery CDROM screens and functionality may be different.

There are other ways to do this, but this is the most straightforward and self-contained process I have found (to rebuild the computer from scratch and also increase the C Partition size and convert it to NTFS). Again, since this erases your entire hard-drive, you will want to ensure you have a complete data backup before you start and you will have to reinstall your secondary programs again.

It is a good idea to know how to rebuild your computer anyway... and to have a list of programs and steps you would need to reinstall - and to have a good data backup policy. You just never know when your hard-drive will go South, and data recovery options are not cheap.

Use Product Recovery CDROMs

- BIOS setting: Read CDROM device on boot-up as primary
- Shutdown and restart with Product Recovery CD #1
- In the ADVANCED window, click "Do not load operating system" and
"Create FAT32 partition"
- Press "Continue"
- After partition is created, restart computer
- In the ADVANCED window, click on "Restore C: partition ONLY"
- Press "Continue"
- Continue when prompted with Product Recovery CD #2
- Reboot the computer when prompted
- Execute the Windows 2000 setup sequence
- Reboot the computer when prompted

Login as 'administrator'

- In a command prompt window, execute 'convert c: /FS:NTFS'
- Enter "HPNOTEBOOK" for the volume drive label
- Enter "Y" to convert on system restart
- Restart the computer
- Conversion from FAT32 to NTFS will proceed automatically
- A reboot will be automatically executed after the conversion

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