Omnibook 6100 - shutdown on battery (978 Views)
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Omnibook 6100 - shutdown on battery

The laptop will work properly for about 1.5 hours to 80% remaining on the battery then it will shutdown windows (looks like power off, no LED's flashing). I have looked for registery patches could not find any.


Battery is 14.8

tested good with the bios test routine


I am currently testing with max batter power setting, I was using laptop setting


Any ideas about what is going with this laptop?

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Re: Omnibook 6100 - shutdown on battery

1.5 hours? Mine's never lasted that long! As laptop batteries were explained to me, the cell closest to the charge port gets the most charge/discharge cycles, so it wears out first. So while the battery has plenty of charge, the power can't get through the near cell. That's why RC airplane geeks like to get old laptop batteries: they tear them apart, throw out the bad cell, and are left with 4-5 lightweight, high-charge cells for a song.


As to "shutting down": by default laptops go to "standby," a state that theoretically cuts power to almost everything while keeping a proverbial ear out to resume normal operations once power is returned, but in practice often destabilize the system to the point where you end up completely restarting the system, anyway. A true shut down is more stable, but as it requires more power, it will shut down sooner. (if memory serves, the threshold is 35% charge for shut down, 15% of standby).

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