Omnibook 500 BIOS Password - Final Solution (1853 Views)
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Omnibook 500 BIOS Password - Final Solution

It is tiresome and disappointing to read so many posts about this matter when people are merely guessing and speculating. Seriously, when did the "remove CMOS battery" solution work for laptops? 20 years ago? And supposedly contacting HP for password help with such an old computer as the OB 500? Who keeps receits for ten years?


Since the OB 500 is so old now, it is highly unlikely that a thief would bother with it. So I will therefore post the definite solution to unlocking the BIOS password of this antique computer.


1. As soon as you see the HP logo, press F2.

2. When the password prompt appears, press F12.

3. You will be presented a hash code, in my case 13307.

4. On another computer, go to:

or, even better: (java must be enabled)

and type in the hash code your system generated.

5. You will immediately receive your password, in my case it was "xhehe".

6. Enter that into the prompt and you're done.


That's it.


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Re: Omnibook 500 BIOS Password - Final Solution

A sidenote and some humble pie...


Just a couple of days after my above post I got hold of one HP Compaq 6710b to service, the customer had set a BIOS setup password and forgotten it. The service was really about something else, but I needed to get into that BIOS and couldn't because of the password.


I did what I usually do, I googled.


After having gotten irritated about all answers people pulled out of their hats (and other places) I finally decided to try the recommended RTC (or CMOS) battery pull option. Funny thing, it worked.


What I wrote above about the futility of pulling CMOS batteries in laptops generally still stands, but there is at least one exception, the HP Compaq 6710b.



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