Omnibook 4100 DVD eccentric glitch (193 Views)
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Omnibook 4100 DVD eccentric glitch

I have been attempting to view 3 different DVD movies via the F1653B player. One always plays with no problems (4 tries--it's playing right now). A second gets to the menu page of the DVD, but will never play (4 tries). A third either gets the message "Key exchange for DVD copy protection failed" or hangs the computer, but never plays (5 tries).

Possibly relevant data: OS is Win95, player is Mediamatics DVDExpress from the HP Omnibook 900/4150 DVD Software disk, processor is PII 266 Mhz. Logging in as administrator or as user makes no difference. Setting region code makes no difference. This notebook is not connected to the Internet, so must get any driver downloads via floppies written on another machine.
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Re: Omnibook 4100 DVD eccentric glitch

Warning, Editing the registry is risky. Please backup your registry. Not responsible for your bad luck or stupidity. Use at your own risk!

"Key exchange for DVD copy protection failed"

This seems to be an issue of user rights to the registry key.

Run regedt32

Give User FULL CONTROL of the key:



set permissions on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ALLNODE Key to Full Control for the Everyone group.

This Key contains a value for the DVD_Region.

Once the permission was granted, users could immediately view DVDs without the Key Exchange error.


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Re: Omnibook 4100 DVD eccentric glitch

I am having the same problem and would like further detail on the Regedit modifications from Carmelo. Just let me know what you need to know?
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Re: Omnibook 4100 DVD eccentric glitch

I was reluctant to edit the registry after all the warnings I found on that subject. I own another 4100; I followed other leads about DVD players on the HP site and wound up purchasing and installing ZV-DVD on the other 4100, which worked. Tried installing ZV-DVD on #1, no hope, same failures as before.

The other leads said DVDExpress left many tracks, so I posted a query on how to uninstall it safely, and got an answer saying use Regedit! Have not yet worked up the nerve to do so, and may try Carmelo's solution first, when I get round to it, though it seems to address only one of the failure modes I ran into
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Re: Omnibook 4100 DVD eccentric glitch

I have this exact problem although editing the registry did not fix the problem.

"Key Exchange for DVD copy protection failed"

DVD Express

Driving me pretty crazy!


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