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HP Omnibook 800CT laptop notebook computer

Hello, I made an impulse decision amd bought a HP Omnibook 800CT laptop notebook computer w/WINDOWS 98. It has a dead batterey and when I looked them up they were $200. It came with a plug attached to a smallish black box but the listing said no power cord so I'm slightly confused. Also when I went looking for these things several of the listings said for the UK. Is this intended for US power outlets? And even with a batterey won't I need to be able to recharge it somehow? I also got the idea maybe it doesn't work seperate from a desktop or a docking station. What do I need to get this working? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
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Re: HP Omnibook 800CT laptop notebook computer

The power cord refers to the lead between the plug socket on the wall and the power adapter (the black box). Basically you need a kettle lead type as used on most of the desktops and displays.

The battery life on the 800CT was pretty good for the time with a brand new battery, I think I got about 2+ hours with mine, but unless a replacement has a more modern and efficient battery technology inside, you're more likely to get an hour or so. Mine was repaired under warranty with an unrelated fault and HP replaced the battery as well, as it's working life was getting rather short.

The original machine would have come with:-
Software CD's
Setup and Diagnostic Floppy Disks
External Floppy Drive + Cable
External Power Supply

If you are lucky, you may have also recieved an external CD Drive. You really need a second Power Supply to run this, although a Pass-Through Power Cable was available to plug both laptop and CD player into one power supply.

A docking station was available, but with some the latches jammed/broke making it difficult to remove the laptop, so I should be careful with using them with the 800CT.

One of the floppy disks has an extensive diagnostic utility on it, you should run this to check that everything is working satisfactorily.

Most machines shipped with Windows/95, some of the later machines were supplied with Windows/98, with Windows NT 3.51/4.0 were the corporate alternatives. You can upgrade to Windows/ME which is probably the best idea as most of the HP supplied 95/98 drivers will work with it, or vendors websites will have native ME drivers available.

It is possible to install Windows/2000 Professional on an 800CT if you have enough memory, but you cannot run XP, Vista, etc (actually they won't even install).

However, it is a nice machine on which to run Linux, as long as the version supports the 800CT's graphics chip, one or two don't support it that well and will only run in low resolution mode (640x480).

Run the diagnostics utility supplied on the floppy, running through every option, apart from the one or two which will destroy data on the hard drive.

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Re: HP Omnibook 800CT laptop notebook computer

Oh incidentally, be careful using other power adapters with the 800CT or its peripherals, whether from another laptop or particularly the aftermarket universal types particulary.

The 800CT has a different voltage to many of these other adapters and some may even have the plug polarity reversed (or a switch to change it), which sould damage the lpatop/peripheral. I think the 800CT needed 13 Volts (don't have it handy to check) while most modern laptops need 17 or 19 Volts.
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Re: HP Omnibook 800CT laptop notebook computer

Hi, you'll need a HP F1044B ac adapter, these can be gotten on ebay for $10-$20.
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