HP Omnibook 6100 battery ? (2383 Views)
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HP Omnibook 6100 battery ?

Hi. I have an omnibook 6100. The battery in it is HP F2019A Lithium Ion Battery module 14.8V, 3400mAH. Can I replace it with a 4400 mAH battery?
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Re: HP Omnibook 6100 battery ?

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Re: HP Omnibook 6100 battery ?

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I've replaced my HP brand F2019A with a new non-HP battery, claimed to be a F2019A 4400 mAH battery pack replacement.  It doesn't work.  Here's what happens.  The charging circuity in my Omnibook 6000, Product number: F2078WT, Serial number: TW04312497 can't identify the battery and the charge cycle aborts.  The battery supplier send a replacement and it does the same thing.  I have two Omnibook 6000's and they both do the same.  Battery vendor doesn't have a clue what's wrong.  I'd buy a new HP brand battery but they are no longer available.

It seems to me there must be some communication between the laptop and the battery that identifies the battery type and/or capacity.  Clearly there is a mismatch.  The battery vendor clams I need to calibrate the battery.  I did so using the procedure they supplied.  It's basically the generic procedure of using the laptop on battery until it dies and then charging the battery back up.  But I can't re-charge either because the charging aborts.  Initially the battery LED is amber but then turns red in a short while.  No charge goes into the battery, even if left on charge overnight.

The charging does work correctly on my OEM HP battery.


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Re: HP Omnibook 6100 battery ?

There is a battery calibration routine built into the Omnibook 6000 BIOS.  After turning on the computer press F6 at the time you are prompted to press F2 to enter setup.  This routine will completely charge, discharge and charge the battery and rewrite the capacity into the battery.


I have had mixed results with third party batteries, I do not have a good solution for finding a compatible vendor.

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Re: HP Omnibook 6100 battery ?


Thanks for the reply.  Yes I've tried the BIOS bootup F6 procedure to "calibrate" the battery.  It fails to identify the non OEM battery and aborts.  So what happens I can't recharge the battery.  That's my fundamental problem, nothing I've tried will get the circuitry in the laptop to charge the battery.  I can understand HP not supporting a non OEM battery but on the other hand there should be something offered when you no longer sell replacement batteries.  My HP brand original battery (F2019A) is dual labeled with a Sanyo P/N 4UR18650-2-QC-RT.  Surely somewhere within HP someone has the specs.  Surely someone knows how the battery communicates with the laptop circuitry.  Can you find this information for me?  How about a hack on the BIOS to avoid the error?  Or is this another example of planned obsolescence? 

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Re: HP Omnibook 6100 battery ?

What if the calibration screen indicates there is no secondary battery installed. Do i need to install one and how do i obtain one?
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