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TC1100 Tablet modem

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I find that the modem built in to the tc1100 cannot negotiate as good a speed as the one in my Evo N610c laptop. I usually get 28.8 on my Evo laptop and never have problems with IP connectivity. On my Tablet PC however, I will often have difficulty negotiating a 28.8 connection and when I get anything less than that, while it can connect, often nothing will work. I can't even ping anything when it is at its worst. Sometimes I can connect at 28.8 but then later all IP functionality dies.

Everything is setup identically on my Evo and my tc1100. I live far from the telco CO and have no other option but to RAS in. Am I doomed to poor reliability with this Tablet PC or does someone know of driver update or modem init string to solve this?

I have XP/SP2 on both my Evo N610c and my tc1100. I also have a W2K Dell with an external MultiTech modem and usually negotiate 26.4 with it. I know I have a line problem but I am stuck with it. I could not even get a USR 56K External modem to get a dialtone. Moving is not an option.



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