ProBook 4510s TS-L633M dvd read problems (1777 Views)
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ProBook 4510s TS-L633M dvd read problems

I started to have some problems a few days ago, my dvd rom wont read dvd's, but can CD's i am getting really aggravated with this because i cant find the solution anywhere, and those that i find are all about crappy DVD rom and replacing it, but i bought my ProBook 4510s about 6 months ago, and i wouldn't like to replace it so soon, so please if u can give me some advice or something i would be really grateful. (and even some cd's reads like blank cd's when i know that they are not blank)
Sry if i miss the category im new to this.
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Re: ProBook 4510s TS-L633M dvd read problems


Optical (CD/DVD) drive problems are often caused by one of a small number of things:

1. Dirty lens - data on DVD's are packed in tighter, so if the lens is dirty, it may be able to track a CD, but not a DVD. Try using DVD cleaning disk, but do so carefully as they're really not designed for writers. Another option is to take a lens cleaning cloth (*NOT* tissues or paper towels!) and gently clean the lens. A microfiber cloth works well too.

2. Software conflict - Some programs are known to add "filters" to the CD/DVD ROM drives. A prime example is CD/DVD burning software by Roxio/Sonic. Often, these filters get corrupted and prevent CD/DVD's from being read. Spyware and malware can also install filters. See the Microsoft KB article here for info on how to remove filters:

Be aware though, that if you remove a filter, any app that requires the filter may not work anymore.

3. Failing hardware - things sometimes break on their own and that's what warranties are for. If you purchased the laptop only 6 months ago, it's should still be under warranty. Call your local HP support number (or visit the store) and have them check/replace the drive. To check your HP Business PC warranty status, go here:

I would definitely first try cleaning the drive's lens - it's the most common problem with optical drives. Then check for filters.

- nn6o
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