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Mobile Workstation 8510w using TFT LP3065 30" inch

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Hi After I got the new mobile workstation 8510w I attached this to my existing 3-in-1 NAS docking station and purchased a LP3065 30" inch tft by HP.

The product documentation of LP3065 shows that the notebook is capable of providing a dual link DVI signal and is compatible with the monitor.

When I attach the monitor to the docking station I also see that the display configuration panel in XP SP2 shows a 2560x1600 pixel option (which is missing with any other panel or monitor attached).

Unfortunately when I try to use the standard resolution I get strange colors on the panel but am not able to get a correct signal. I tried both cables (dual link DVI cables) which were shipped with the monitor and all three input ports but no difference.

When going back to a resolution of 128x800 the display works and shows a scaled view of my OS. so the panel in general is working. I also had other panels attached to the docking station before.

Has anyone had a similar experience? how can I fix this? Are the both products not compatible as it was stated in the documentation?


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Re: Mobile Workstation 8510w using TFT LP3065 30" inch

Hi, you should always use the last graphics driver that HP provide. Update your driver, and look for a setting like "dvi reduced blanking" or "Reduce DVI frequency" You don't tell if you got an 8510w with ATI or Nvidia graphics, but I'm quite sure both should have a setting like this. We had to check this setting on a 6910p connected to a lp2065 with DVI. You can also have a look here:
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