How to enable AMD-V in 786G6 bios? (15050 Views)
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How to enable AMD-V in 786G6 bios?

I'm running windows7 64bit on my HP (6005 PRO SFF) with AMD Athlon II X2 B22, BIOS 786G6 v01.03. Now when I have installed Virtualbox to run a virtual 64 bit Linux machine. I get a notification that I need to enable AMD-V in BIOS.

Many search results and forum threads are dead ended with the final answer "just enable it in BIOS". The thing is, I can not find the option to enable this in BIOS. According to the processor specifications it supports AMD-V.

Greatful if anyone have a good answer to what steps I need to take.
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Re: How to enable AMD-V in 786G6 bios?

F10 -> Security - >System Security -> Virtualization Technology = Disable (Default)

F10 -> Advanced -> Management Operations ->

Allows you to set:
â DASH Support (enable/disable). Allows the DASH firmware to be Enabled/Disabled.
â SOL Character Echo (enable/disable). Some remote consoles print remotely-entered
characters which can cause the characters to appear twice (once when entered remotely and
once when echoed back from local client video). This option allows the administrator to have
the SOL terminal emulator suppress echoing remotely-entered characters to the local video
â SOL Terminal Emulation Mode (enable/disable). Selects between VT100 and ANSI SOL
terminal emulation. SOL terminal emulation mode is only activated during remote AMT
redirection operations. The emulation options allow administrators to select which mode works
best with their console.
â SOL Keyboard (enable/disable). Disable or enable client keyboard during SOL sessions. Some
remote remediation may involve having the local client boot a remote image provided by an
administrator. This option determines if the BIOS will keep the local keyboard enabled or
disabled for possible local client interaction. If the local keyboard is disabled, all keyboard input
is only accepted from the remote source.
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Re: How to enable AMD-V in 786G6 bios?

Thanks a lot! It was exactly the information I was looking for.
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Re: How to enable AMD-V in 786G6 bios?

Worked for Intel too on Elite8100 too. Thanks.

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