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How to access BIOS setup?

How do I access the BIOS setup on my Armada 7800 6266/t/5000/D/0/3 with "Compaq BIOS System:06/06/99"? Pressing F10 with the cursor in the right upper corner (as it says in my manual) does not work; the cursor never shows before the Compaq logo prints at screen centre and pressing F10 (or other keys) only generates a beep.
I think I may need the BIOS setup when installing Linux (Xandros). Until now Xandros does respond to any mouse ('track-point', regular cord or USB).
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Re: How to access BIOS setup?

The 7800 is old enough to need the setup/diagnostics partition installed on the hard drive. It is a special small nonDOS partition at the beginning of the drive which holds the BIOS information. Go to the support page for your laptop and find the Setup and Diagnostic Sp files and make the appropriate floppies. You will have to fdisk the drive and start over. Now, as for your Linux installation I doubt the presence or absence of the BIOS makes any difference because Linux operates relatively independent of the BIOS. I have no experience with Xandros. Are you sre you have a working mouse and usb ports on the laptop?
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Re: How to access BIOS setup?

Jan, in addition to needing the diagnostics partition and setup software, I'm sure you can check here for pointers on how to get the touchpad and USB running under linux.

Make sure to use the Diagnostics version 2.01H and the Setup version 10.39A

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