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HP ProBook 4530S- Keyboard Issue. Key Jam

Any support is appreciated.


Have had this notebook for 2 months and this problem has been around since the start. Use the machine daily but never spilt liquid on the machine. 


The problem seems like its located on the bottom left side of the keyboard.  Keys I think that are causing the issue is Left Shift/ Left Ctrl/ Left alt and possible spacebar. It jams in a software sense and not a physical sense as the keys pops back up. To rectify the problem I have to press on ALL the Shifts/Alts/Ctrls/Spacebar to unjam it. Which works. I use a lot of short cut keys that requires Alts, Ctrls or Shift keys and this is really slowing down my work.


Anyone coming across this issue and know a solution? Thanks.


( I have read on some forums that the touchpad driver/ software is causing the problem. The 2 or 3 finger gesture control has been switched off).


HP ProBook 4530S

Window 7 Pro SP1- 64 Bit.


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Re: HP ProBook 4530S- Keyboard Issue. Key Jam

Not sure I fully understand the problem you describe but just wonder whether you have discounted it being related to the 'Sticky Keys' accessibility feature of the OS.?

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Re: HP ProBook 4530S- Keyboard Issue. Key Jam

Sticky Key is turned off. But Turn On Toggle Key is turned on because Num Lock on the Probook 4530 doesnt have a light to indicate if its on or off.


The Key jam is actually like a key being held down (not physcially). So when i type, the Left shift or Left Alt or Left Control or Spacebar is being held down. So what i need to do is to go back and press them all to release the jamming. 

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