HP EliteBook 6930p keyboard problem (1579 Views)
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HP EliteBook 6930p keyboard problem

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Hi all,


I have a very odd problem with the keyboard on my newly acquired 6930p. Basically, some of the keys seem to be producing two different keycodes. So far, I've found the following keys having this problem:
"a" and "ˇ"
"s" and Caps Lock
"d" and Esc
"n" and "7"
"b" and "4"´
"´" and Right
"+" and "ö"
"k" and End

For each pair, hitting either key will act as if I've hit both. Eg. hitting either "n" or "7" produces "n7" (or sometimes "7n").

As if this wasn't weird enough, it only happens if the problem keys are hit immediately after "p". If there's a small pause (~0.5 seconds or more) or another key before it, the problem doesn't occur.

This happens on a fresh Windows 7 installation, with no software installed (in fact, it also happens during the installation process), and even in the BIOS setup menu (hitting "p" and "d" works as if I'd hit Esc). Num Lock is off, and I'm not pressing the Fn, Ctrl or other modifier keys. It also doesn't happen with an external keyboard.

Any clues as to what could be the problem? I've tried reseating the keyboard cable, but to no effect. Is the keyboard just faulty?


Specs are as follows:

HP EliteBook 6930p

T9550, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB 7200rpm HDD, ATI HD3450, WXGA+

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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Re: HP EliteBook 6930p keyboard problem


i think u got a wrong Keyboard.

If that is under warranty,u can contact the shop owner where u bought and can claim for new one.

or else try  to contact HP here:



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