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Fingerprint reader-HP 6930p

I have an HP 6930p... It has the fingerprint reader and driver.. But it came to me (corporate) without the software needed for it to function.. Where can I find this software? I am running XP professional.. Please help
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Re: Fingerprint reader-HP 6930p

Hi, Larry:

First you need to install the driver here:

You need to download the security software to allow the fingerprint scanner to work. It also includes the driver:

You may also want to familiarize yourself with the security software by reading this manual or you could inadvertently lock yourself out of your notebook.


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Re: Fingerprint reader-HP 6930p

Hi Larry,


Here's a link to the 6930p's support page (top level):


The link Paul provided is directly to the Protect Tools Suite, but there are other components you may be interested in.  Also, please head Paul's warning about reading the manual (and being careful in particular).  When I first started tinkering with Protect Tools, the TPM, and the fingerprint sensor, and BIOS security on my 6930p, I ended up locking myself out of the laptop.  Luckily, I was able to get back into BIOS to disable and reset the security options.  I've since learned to be very careful about what options to enable/disable in Protect Tools (and write down every step!)


BTW, the fingerprint option is very convenient, but it sometimes takes 15-seconds or so before the sensor becomes ready.  I hate to wait, so I often end up typing my password.



  - nn6o



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