Evo n1000v sudden crash (shutdown) problem: Resolved! (256 Views)
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Evo n1000v sudden crash (shutdown) problem: Resolved!

For months I have had a problem with my Evo N1000v that has been getting progressively worse. This note describes the problem and the fix. The
sudden crash/shutdown problem and fix is almost
certainly not restricted to this single model.

Almost since I first got it, my Evo n1000v has
agressively used its fan. From the moment I would turn it on the fan would run fast and noisely. It would often kick into an even faster
and more noisy mode, and battery power would quickly drain supporting all this fan work. More recently, (about 3 months ago) it began
to suddenly crash. This would often happen when I was not around it, but, on those occaisions I was sitting at the machine I would hear the fan kick onto super-fast mode and then
a moment later the screen would go black and all power would be turned off. I would then have to reboot (having lost any work I was doing.) Within the past week this began to happen almost every hour.

I searched all the forums and found similar problems for other models of the Evo. In particular see the thread:
This thread led me to believe that one of
three things were wrong, all related to overheating of the processor. Either
1) The fan port was full of dust
2) The bios fix sp28959.exe from HP needed
to be applied
3) The mounts on the motherboard that hold
down the heat sink had broken loose and needed
to be reglued.

First I installed the "Mobmeter" program
noted in the above thread and confirmed that
my computer ran hot. It was usually sitting
near 60C and I waited one day to see it
go into crash: I saw the temp ramp up to
75C and then blam, crash. Ok, now to apply
the fixes.

I vacuumed out the ports and installed the
bios fix. These fixes lowered the normal
operating temp a couple of degrees, but,
the unit still crashed.

I took apart the laptop following the directions in the manual found on the HP
support page for my Evo. After removing
the heat-spreader I found that the four mounting nuts were firmly afixed to the
motherboard, so, I did not share the problem
experienced by others in the above referenced

But, now that the heat-spreader was off,
I needed to put it back correctly. So,
I purchased a tube of silver based heat
sink compound (Best Buy, $10.50 for 5 grams).
I prepared the processor and heat-spreader
as instructed in the compound instructions
by gently cleaning off the old material
with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.
I spread the compound thinly (using about 1/3 of
the tube) on top of the processing using
the spreading card that was supplied.) I
then remounted the heat spreader.

After putting the unit back together it
now runs at a normal temperature of about
41-42C. The fan runs lightly all the time
and has not once kicked into a higher mode,
and under battery power spends some time
off and some time in light blowing mode.
I have not had a crash since.

Conclusion: Even if your heat sink mounts
have not broken loose like reported elsewhere,
a careful reapplication of heat sink material
may be exactly what your laptop needs. Apparently the original coating was somehow
compromised either initially or somehow
grew gaps over time.

I am once again a happy owner of a Compaq.
It is as is a tooth ache instantly disappeared.

Hope this helps someone else,

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Re: Evo n1000v sudden crash (shutdown) problem: Resolved!

Hello David,
Thanks for sharing your success story with the rest of the users on the forum. The technicians out there such as myself have been doing mods for years now to try and repair what the engineers mess up along with the people who assemble the products, mainly in China now, leave out or forget at times. I hope you will continue to use the forum and answer a few questions yourself. We need all the volunteers we can get a hold of. Jerry
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Re: Evo n1000v sudden crash (shutdown) problem: Resolved!

Thanks David for a very clear, comprehensive and helpful posting. I echo Jerry's comments. Not wishing you any more tooth problems - but I hope we won't have to wait so long to hear from you again. Great stuff - well done !
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Re: Evo n1000v sudden crash (shutdown) problem: Resolved!

Hi David,

I appreciate you taking time to post your problem and the solution; I'm sure many other forum members will benefit from this knowledge.

Keep foruming.

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Re: Evo n1000v sudden crash (shutdown) problem: Resolved!

Thanks for your research. The temperate went from 66C to 40C. I can't believe that HP does not have a Tech Tip to address this problem.
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