Elitebook Workstation 8570w - System diagnostic problems (135 Views)
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Elitebook Workstation 8570w - System diagnostic problems

Hi all,


I would like to share some experience and "mybe" problems that I have with my 8570w. So please for help or instructions.

Namely, before I've started using the 8570w I've created a new partition, since I like to have a DATA partition devided from the OS partition. So now (almost a year) I have 4 partitions. In Win7pro 64bit when you have more than 3 partitions Win7 automaticaly creates a "dinamical disk", i.e. HDD.


The first problem I've founded is the fact the HP_TOOLS partition has now a problem updating the BIOS. Probably when "dinamical disk" is a case it can't see or what so ever the new BIOS update files. So I update the BIOS by selecting the option "create an bootable USB" and it works than.


During this almost a year of using the 8570w I had 2 serios problems:

  1. the notebook couldn't be shut off (I didi't see it, since i left), so in the morning when  I came it was hot and blowing from the cooler, since it probably went to the endless loop. Win7 reported an BSOD but nothing couldn't bee seen except this error Event 41, Kernel-power
  2. the second problem happened yeasterday evening while I was connectong it to the TV, suddenly when I connected power, USB and ext audio it was black screen with intel mSSD checking it file system.

I stardet the UEFI system diagnostics but the only things that could be tested were memory and HDD. What passed. The other testing optins waren't avalable. I saw that there can be also motherboard, CPU, graphics, etc. tested but I don't have this options?!

Can this be a problem with the fact of "dinamical disk" that I also have with the BIOS update? Maybe my notebook can only see this basic BIOS system diag?


Everything else is updated. Do i have to set something in the BIOS. At boot order I saw that I have "Legacy" checked and there can be UEFI with of without CSM also.


Plase for help, since i would like to run some more comprehensive system diagnostic.

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