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Elitebook USB hubs - no direct USB port?

I've noticed that when I connect my scanner to an USB hub connected to my 8560w workstation, it stopped working. I've researched the problem and found out that the potenatial problem may occur when connecting the scanner via two usb hubs.


Well, I thought, my connection has only one hub so no problems should appear. However... I run AIDA64 and discovered that all USB ports of my laptop are in fact USB hubs! Thus, when connecting an USB hub to any of my 8560w USB ports I make a two-hub connection to the device...


No wonder the scanner refuses to work. Is it normaln that USB ports work as hubs in HP laptops?


Can anyone confirm that? Isn't there any "direct" USB port so I could plug my hub there and have only one hub?

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Re: Elitebook USB hubs - no direct USB port?

Your scanner should work in any port of the HP mobile workstation. Before you do anything else, make sure you have the latest BIOS release and install the latest Essentials Update for Windows 7 softpaq. This softpaq includes many hotfixes released by Microsoft that affect usb and power management. It sometimes can fix problems that look like hardware issue but are really OS issues

As long as the power draw of the Scanner is <=500 mA (usb standard power for a usb port), it should be recognized and work --- with appropriate drivers, of course. Otherwise, you may need a 'powered' hub to make it work
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Re: Elitebook USB hubs - no direct USB port?

Thank you for the detailed answer.


The scanner works fine when connected directly to laptop usb port. I finally made it work also when connected via usb hub - however it works correctly only when connected to usb 3 port (no idea why) and of course connected to an active (powered) usb hub.


I have the latest (F41) bios release and all MS updates installed (I've been runnin Win8 from some time, but the same problem was present at Win7).


The only thing I was surprised with was the usb architecture and wanted to confirm that the usb ports available are in fact hub usb ports. :)

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