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Elitebook 6930p - sim card

I have a Sim Card from my ISP and have inserted it into the laptop.
But I could not find any way to use the sim card and I have contacted HP and they told me the necessary hardware is not in the pc.
Inside the PC there should be a card to get this working.

I need an part number for this device so I can buy it. Does anyon now what it is

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Re: Elitebook 6930p - sim card

You need to be more specific. A SIM card goes inside a cellphone, and will not work in a laptop.Now...if it's a specific modem type of card that pops into the PCI slot, then you need the driver and software for it from your ISP.
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Re: Elitebook 6930p - sim card

Hey Dasda,

Forget the above, today's notebooks do have
the option to add simcards.

(wheter behind the battery, or below the
keyboard you will find a simcard holder)

Best you do is go to y're vendor and ask
him/her to explain how to use it.


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Re: Elitebook 6930p - sim card

Hi all,

The way sim card works similar to mobile/cell phone and normally locked to a specific carrier. Check where you bought the machine or check your SIM card - you may need some sorts of "driver" to unlock it.

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Re: Elitebook 6930p - sim card

Check if HP WWAN Module is set to enable in BIOS or not? If not, set the option to enable. Apply BIOS changes by pressing "F10" and boot the system in Windows and use HP Connection manager to configure the SIM.
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Re: Elitebook 6930p - sim card

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Re: Elitebook 6930p - sim card


The un2400 is just fine and will cost you about 70 - 150 USD as a used part on eBay (that's how I got mine). It is manufactured by Qualcomm and the same chipset is used on other recent laptops of other manufacturers (Dell, Lenovo, etc.).

HP un2400 = Qualcomm Gobi 1000

a) will work in almost any mobile network worldwide
b) is integrated, no extra gadget, doesn't block USB ports
c) GPS chip integrated

a) EliteBooks will ONLY work with THIS modem
b) drivers for WinXP and Vista only, some unofficial solutions for Win7 already on the internet (google it), GNU/Linux = ????
c) power consumption = 2500mA when active
d) firmware needs to be loaded prior to its use (HP Connection Manager does that)
e) GPS can not be used by end-user unless you have a contract with absolute.com & Co. - only used for tracking the device when stolen

The cheaper alternative could be to use an external USB-based UMTS modem which may sell for quite less and is also supported by other OS.

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