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Dual Screens on Port Replicator

We have a range of notebooks from NC8430, and 8530W's on the following port replicator : KQ751AA.

We are trying to connect 2 x 24" LCD's to each of these for the people using large spreadsheets.

We have connected the DVI and VGA Cables to the separate monitors, but it seems only 1 works at a time. The Nvidia Software recognizes both monitors but I can't get it to display video.

When I switch to Samsung 1 and Samsung 2 mode, the VGA screen goes alive, the other remains dead, and it would seem that if it were on, the multi screen thing would be working ok

Is there a specific driver, or piece of software or update I need to apply to make this work?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Is there another way to do this?
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Re: Dual Screens on Port Replicator


You may need a piece of hardware like this:


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Re: Dual Screens on Port Replicator

What resolutions are you trying on the monitors?  You may be hitting a resolution limit per monitor set by the video card or technological limitations.  If you exceed a certain resolution on a particular monitor, then the card disables the use of a second monitor because it isn't able to handle the total number of pixels across both monitors.


For reference, Single-link DVI is limited to about 2.75Mpixels @ 60Hz (e.g. 1920x1200) - higher resolutions will require a Dual-link connection.  Since Dual-link is essentially linking two video "portals" (or "desktops") to one monitor, you may lose the ability to connect a second display as both "desktops" are combined to generate the higher resolution requested.


Try lowering the resolution on both monitors to something all modern video cards can handle - say, 1024x768 - and see if both monitors light up.  If so, then bump both up to a 1600h resolution (such as 1680x1050 or 1600x900, depending on aspect ratio) and see if both work.  Continue until you reach the limits of the video card.


For reference, as I understand it, both the nc8430 and 8530w's should support dual external monitors when docked (with an appropriate dock) - one via DVI and one via VGA - make sure the internal LCD is disabled (close the lid).



  - nn6o



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